Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Studio Photos of the Day

latest frame-grab from the editing room: "Bridget" promo video

sound generation device: red digital I/O, blue compressor

Friday, December 18, 2009

Mobile Audio Recording Rig Takes Shape

Added custom internal shelf, mounted Mackie 1204 VLZ mixer. Currently wiring for power. Next week: Mount mic pre's, A/D I/O in top rack, fanless power amplier in bottom rackspace. (Computer gear will live outside the box.)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Support Indie Music - Go to a Live Show

"Bridget" composer Gary Jude Anderson (second from left, blue suit, red shirt, white tie) in the crowd at the Elvis Show 2007, Matty T's Roadhouse USA, Deer Park, LI NY

Want to support your local music scene? By far the best thing you can do, now more than ever, is to attend live shows by the artists you like. Beat Crave Dot Com makes the compelling argument:

"Possibly the best way to actively sustain indie music is going to live performances. The live experience is irreplaceable, for it allows us a deeper appreciation of the music, comparison with studio recordings, and connection with the personalities involved. Since file-sharing exists and is here to stay, it’s logical that live concerts must take on greater importance for a band’s survival. For that to happen, not only must there be more and better live acts, but we should inform ourselves of what’s happening in our area, and not miss out on the local music scene."

Steve Lawson's Blog Entry on "Changing the balance of power by consistently supporting independent musicians" builds on this by successfully folding in the concept of "buying music directly from the artist" and whittles things down to five great action items:

    •    Buy music that you love
    •    Buy it from a source as close to the artist as you can
    •    Talk to them
    •    Share the great things you find
    •    Blog about it
    •    Go to gigs and become part of the solution


Thursday, December 10, 2009

The New Mobile Recording Rig

Not that I need a mobile recording rig, but... I'm building a mobile recording rig. It will mostly live at home, wherever that may be.

This very exciting looking roadcase will soon house an Edirol FA-101 FireWire A/D I/O (10 in/10 out, including 2 channel mic pre), a Mackie 1202 VLZ Pro mixer (four more mic pre's), a stereo (and hopefully fanless) power amp pushing AuraTone-type monitors. Headphone monitoring will be done in an Aux bus on the Mackie. A rack-mounted power conditioner will keep everything behaving. The whole thing will be Fire-Wired to a Mac computer, running digitial multitrack recording software and a 1TB HD backup. If more inputs are needed, additional Mic Pre's could be plugged right into the back of the I/O unit.

That's the plan, at least. More updates soon.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Does your vintage Fender Bass Suffer From "Fenderitis"?

We had just finished a great recording session today with Caroline Doctorow when fiddler extraordinare Gary Oleyar sighted down the neck of my 1966 Fender P-Bass (which only leaves the house for recording sessions) and said,

"Oh man, this thing has FENDERITIS."


Gary was about to provide a solution to something that had been bothering me for some time about my  P-Bass. Apparently, over time, the neck to a vintage Fender P-Bass (and probably some other basses, for that matter) will pull sideways to the G-string side, pivoting at the bolt-on screws... down, towards the floor as you wear the instrument. (Believe it or don't, kids, there's actually more tension on the G-string side of the neck, compared to the E-string side.) This results in the G being too close to the edge of the neck, and the E being too far away. The further up the neck, the more visibly pronounced this mis-alignment will be. Here's how the bass looked when Gary eyeballed it:

BEFORE: G string really close to neck edge

BEFORE: Too much space between E string and neck edge

Gary suggested slightly loosening the four screws that hold the neck to the body (of course, you would slacken the strings first) to permit re-alignment of the neck. Don't over-do it: Only 1 to 1.5 turns of the screws at the most should be necessary.  By pushing the neck UP, in the direction of the E-String, while tightening back the screws and simultaneously tensioning the strings JUST enough (start with the E to pull the neck in that direction) to see how far to push the neck over, I was able to get an ideal symmetrical re-alignment. Side benefit... I think the action is slightly better. Ha!

AFTER: More space between G string and neck edge

AFTER: Less space between E string & neck edge

Happy owner w/ strings spaced evenly across neck

Bottom Line:
Fun, successful recording session + Fenderitis cure = A good day

Recording w/ Caroline Doctorow, Dec 8th 2009

Cut three songs live today with Caroline Doctorow's
band, Pete Kennedy producing. A very enjoyable afternoon...

Above, L to R: Sammy Merendino (drums), Caroline Doctorow,
Mick Hargreaves (bass), Andrew Carillo (guitars, electric sitar),
Gary Oleyar (fiddle), Pete Kennedy (producing).
Below, L to R: The "Freedom" bass,
Caroline's Resonator Guitar, 1966 P-Bass

Monday, November 30, 2009

NRBQ's "Christmas Wish" goes viral . . .

NRBQ's "Christmas Wish (TV Mix)" backing track is freely available as a downloadable MP3 file at The NRBQ Website - Here's a re-mix with my vocals over their backing track, loaded up at the Sound Cloud, followed an adorable music video treatment of "Christmas Wish" (written by "Q" bassist Joey Spampinato) by Japan's Takako Minekawa on You Tube. So now that there's more than one, I suppose it's officially "viral":

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thankful for... great fellow musicians!

I'm honored to have made sounds with some great musicians this year: Steve Prisco, Tom Ryan & Rich Umbach of The Blaggards; Caroline Doctorow and her band (including Andrew Carillo, Robin Gould, Gary Olayer, Chris Tedesco, Pete Kennedy); Matty Liot, Chris Mehos, Will Hren, Skip EnglishLibby Johnson, Mark Boquist, Caitlin Cannon, Kathy Moser, Carrie Johnson, Mason, Shannon & Dan WiseSkip Krevens, everyone involved with The Lost Keys, likewise The Elvis Show 2009 (See you all on Jan 30th 2010), and standard-bearers The Lone Sharks, whom I sat in with on multiple occasions. I hope I didn't leave anyone out... 2009 isn't over folks, and 2010 will be even better... see you around campus.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thankful for... Eastern Long Island Radio!

WPKN 89.5 FM (WPKM 88.7FM in Montauk) - And not just because they let Caroline Doctorow and I do the The Songtrails Radio Hour there. It's because WPKN is true Freeform Radio - tune in, and turn on your mind.

WLIU 88.3 FM - A new day dawns for this gutsy survivor and supporter of local arts. Invaluable community player - Many folks can't start their day without listening. Essential.

WEHM 96.9 and 92.9 FM - A commercial radio station playing great music, not owned by some big conglomerate, with engaging, super-cool (and funny) on-air staffers who not only are out there, interacting with listeners, and supporting local music, but they also have sandwiches named in their honor. Travel to other US markets and realize: We're lucky to have as "one of us".

NORTH FORK SOUND RADIO - Rock and Roll as only Howard Thompson can do it. Connected, informative, opinionated, totally supportive of the local music scene, and a font of information. A pint with Howard is worth two pints in the bush. I'd say there are many imitators... but there aren't. Streaming on the internet:

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Holidays & The Music

Editing for my "Bridget" music video continues, The Blaggards continue a very ambitious recording schedule, and meanwhile, it figures to be a busy musical holiday season - here's where I'll be, and where. There are actually a couple more dates that will get added to this schedule. Remember, when cooking Thanksgiving dinner, y'all be sure the flip the bird. (photo: p. donnelly)

Sat Nov 28th 9:30pm - Matty T's, Deer Park NY
Thanksgiving special - Mick plays bass w/ The Blaggards, who perform two sets, with the Vendettas opening... at Long Island's last roadhouse-styled venue.

Fri Dec 4th 8pm - Honky Tonk Angels @ Hank's Saloon, Brooklyn, NY
Mick plays bass for Caitlin Cannon

Sat Afternoon, Dec 5th - Songtrails Radio Hour @ WPKN Studios, Bridgeport CT

The Songtrails Radio Hour hosts (Caroline Doctorow and Mick) stop by and join in the fun at WPKN's Bridgeport, CT studios during their two-day fundrasing marathon.

Sat Dec 5th 8pm - Club Passim, Boston MA
Mick plays bass w/ Caroline Doctorow at this legendary venue.

Thur Dec 17th 9pm - Vail-Levitt Music Hall, Riverhead NY

Quick SOLO ACOUSTIC set - Original Voices at the Vail-Levitt - 9pm SHARP

Fri Dec 18th 8:30pm - Murf's Backstreet Tavern, Sag Harbor NY
Mick guests with The Lone Sharks, sittin' down home acoustic-family-style. Other special guests will be in attendance...

Sat Dec 19th 8pm - Hard Luck Cafe, Huntington NY
Mick plays bass w/ Caroline Doctorow.  Gary Olayer back in the fold on fiddle, Pete Kennedy subs in on guitar for Andrew Carillo, who's on a live show with Joan Osborne this night.

Sat Dec 26th 9:30pm - Matty T's, Deer Park NY
Back at Matty T's, it's a Boxing Day Blowout!!! featuring The Blaggards, The Lone Sharks and The Buzzards. Mick plays bass w/ The Blaggards, who will perform Rockpile's "Seconds of Pleasure" LP in it's entirety!!!!

For further details, visit MH @ ReverbNation

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rare MP3 Music

A REALLY cool site from the U.K. - Rare MP3 Music - A great blog featuring downloadable super-rare and out of print vinyl releases... in the MP3 format.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Barnraising Benefit Concert NYC Fri 11/13/09; NERFA w/ Caroline Doctorow Sat 11/14/09

Friday Nov 13th's Barnraising Benefit Concert (NYC) features Libby Johnson, Carrie Johnson, Taylor Giacoma and special guests (Mick Hargreaves on bass with Libby), where we'll collectively support building schools in Tanzania and Kenya. Concert sponsored by the New York Quarterly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends. It all happens at the 15th Street Meetinghouse, 15 Rutherford Place NYC. 7PM Sharp. Advance Tickets are available...

Saturday Nov 14 I'll be wearing (and playing) the bass guitar with Caroline Doctorow at the annual NERFA conference, held at the Hudson Valley Resort. Caroline has showcases at 2pm (this one sponsored by - A Long Island Sound Showcase & Wine Tasting! ROOM 1318), a 5pm videotaped showcase, and who knows what else in between.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bridget - The Skip English Instrumental Remix

Just in from Memphis, TN... BRIDGET - THE INSTRUMENTAL REMIX, with background vocal glory shoved to the forefront. We've added comments in the SoundCloud player so you can get some insight on how the original recording was arranged... meanwhile, the music video for the full vocal version is in progress... due 12/09. Happy Happy Joy Joy.

Bridget (Instrumental) Skip English REMIX by mickhargreaves

Another post tomorrow detailing shows with Libby Johnson 11/13 (NYC), and Caroline Doctorow 11/14 (NERFA).

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Libby Johnson, Dixie Bee Liners releases...

Two new releases by some great musical friends, one of which I perform on...

Libby Johnson's (NYC) Perfect View is now available on iTunes. I'm playing some Fender bass and a little bit of acoustic guitar on this one. More detailed release info, etc. is forthcoming.

The Dixie Bee Liners' (southwest Virginia) second full-length work, Susanville, delivers their "Bible Belt Noir" custom blend of traditional and contemporary sounds. It's available on iTunes, at Amazon Dot Com, and they are on tour right now. I'm not on this record, but I did "sub in" with them a couple times back in the day. Co-leader Buddy Woodward also engineered some of the sessions for my song "Can't Keep Track of You Blues".

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Late October Update

Still photo from the "Bridget" music video shoot

Hello everyone preparing to rake leaves and cut firewood, or at least buy that five dollar bundle of logs on the side of the road. Remember - adhere to the honor system, and really put the five bucks in the slot !  

Much ado here deep in the eastern woods...
After bassin' it in the rhythm section of the Williams Daughters (Mark Boquist on drums) at Hill Country NYC Thursday October 29th 8pm, (part of the great Honky Tonk Angels series) it's a week off, then straight to editing the music video for my heavily Brian Wilson/Beach Boys-influenced single "Bridget", (mp3 of "Bridget" still downloadable FREE at Reverbnation), written by the late Gary Jude Anderson. This video should be released in time for everyone's holiday enjoyment. (Below is a still from just one of the location shoots). AND, a big thanks to WEHM-FM for the recent airplay "Bridget" has received over there.

The Songtrails Radio Hour (hosted by yours truly with Caroline Doctorow) forges ahead, next episode airing Saturday Nov. 7th at 7pm (and every first Saturday of every month) on WPKM 88.7 FM Montauk & 89.5 FM Bridgeport, on iTunes Radio (under "Eclectic") and streaming on the internet at WPKN.ORG. We feature sing-songwriter, folk, Americana, country-type music - Get full details, playlists, and listen to archived shows at the Songtrails Radio Podcast and Blog.

There's also raft of fall shows coming up with Caroline Doctorow, The Blaggards, and Libby Johnson (yes, her new album is out, and I'm playing bass & a little bit o' guitar on it - appearing on one track with Garland Jeffrys).  I'll detail those shows in an early November update. Also, thanks to all who made the recent Matty Liot & The Big Up show at the Stephen Talkhouse 10/23 a great success and a wild musical happening.

If that isn't enough, Them Blaggards REALLY ARE in the middle of studio recordings. You heard it here, maybe even first. See you on the radio!

PS - Multi-instrumentalist Will Hren is driving the Muscle-Stang to Southern California, but not before recording some demos - wish him luck by listening to his song "Sunday Rodeo" at producer Skip English's MySpace Page.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Songtrails Radio Hour BLOG is UP

The Songtrails Radio Hour Blog is now up and running. This is the radio show I host with Caroline Doctorow the first Saturday of every month on WPKN 89.5 (Bridgeport) and WPKM 88.7 (Montauk), streaming on the internet at WPKN.ORG... and on iTunes. See the blog for links to all listening methods!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Roots Music Fest Appearance, New Single on iTunes, Exclusive Live Track at Reverb Nation

Sat June 27 2009, 7pm: Hamptons Roots Music Festival @ Southampton Cultural Arts Center

Get there on time @ 7pm - JUST ADDED: Mick Hargreaves will play a solo acoustic set opening the show at this festival, also featuring The Kennedys, Caroline Doctorow and Barbara Lamb. The 2008 edition sold out. Call 631-687-9040 to reserve tickets or email:

"Bridget" Single now on iTunes / CDs Available at Shows

The new single "Bridget" b/w "Can't Keep Track of You Blues" is now available at iTunes. Real-deal CD copies (full-color artwork) of the "Bridget" b/w "Can't Keep Track of You Blues" are available at all shows for $5. Anyone for vinyl?

Mick Hargreaves @ iTunes

"Can't Keep Track of You Blues" LIVE @ WEHM: Fan Exclusive at ReverbNation

On June 4 2009, Mick performed "Can't Keep Track of You Blues" live on the air at WEHM-FM, accompanied by Gene Casey and Matty Liot on electric guitars. This track is now available FREE at ReverbNation to those on the mailing list. Get in on it here:

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mick Hargreaves Featured Artist on WHEM 92.9 & 96.9 FM - Tues 6/2, Thurs 6/4 7:20PM

Back cover of the new single

"Bridget" b/w "Can't Keep Track of You Blues",
gets an AWESOME two-fer this week on the way-cool
Long Island radio station WEHM 92.9 and 96.9 FM.

Tuesday June 2, 2009 7:20PM
"Bridget", the A-side of the single, will be played on the "Live and Local" program.

Thursday June 4, 2009 7:20PM
Mick Hargreaves will perform "Can't Keep Track of You Blues",
the B-side of the single, live in person on the "Live and Local" program.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The story of "Bridget", part 1

Streaming at: Reverb NationMySpace

FAN EXLUSIVE: "Bridget" b/w "Can't Keep Track of You Blues" BOTH downloadable for FREE  at ReverbNation & BandCamp
"Gary Jude Anderson was a Long Island songwriter of long standing renown. In the mid 1980s , he was the featured vocalist in an early incarnation of the famous Scofflaws with Richard Brooks. More recently he has appeared with some of the finest bands on Long Island, including those of Steve Prisco and Roy Wilson. He was also a staple of the legendary Elvis Tribute Show. He passed away on February 14, 2008. "

I might have been formally introduced to Gary Jude Anderson, writer of the song "Bridget", but I'm not really sure.

We were in the same room only twice, back in January 2008 - at a rehearsal, and at the subsequent gig, for an annual Long Island charity event called The Elvis Show, going on 15 some-odd years now. Steve Prisco of The Blaggards organizes it every year, to benefit local food bank charities, and of the many singers belting out Elvis songs in front of backing bands all night, Gary Jude was one of them. Then he passed away a few weeks after the show, on Valentines Day 2008."

Steve Prisco blogged about Gary Jude, and launched a MySpace page in post-humous tribute, featuring several recordings, including the original demo of "Bridget". At his own MySpace page, Steve uploaded his own "Ska" version of "Bridget", and encouraged local musicians to record their own versions of as well. That's how I got interested. Kieth Hille, another Elvis Show singer, is reportedly working on a version.

When I heard Gary Jude's original demo of "Bridget" it knocked me out. The raw, plaintive pain in his voice totally eclipsed the home-made quality of the demo recording. I immediately heard a totally over-the top production version in my head, and no further inspiration was necessary. I was sad that I never really got to know Gary, so I was consumed with the desire to get a big-sounding version recorded, do the song justice, and to somehow send some positive thoughts about Gary out into the ether.

I called Skip English to produce, and by December of 2008, recording had begun. Our production team completed mixing the song in March of 2009. Mastering was finished in early April.

I imagined a Dion & The Belmonts / Del Shannon / Roy Orbison recording session at Ocean Way Studios on the west coast, produced and arranged by the dream team of Phil Spector and Brian Wilson... and a film to accompany the song is planned.

The "flip side" of "Bridget" is the "Can't Keep Track of You Blues",  featuring guitar work by both East End icon Gene Casey (The Lone Sharks) AND up-and-coming guitar hotshot Matty Liot.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Knoxville & Nashville Quickie - 4/16/09

Day's Inn, Knoxville, TN
April 15th 2009 11:52 PM

Outside of one hand-written sign on an overpass outside of Riverhead NY, we didn't see evidence of one "Tea-Bagging" party on the way down here along I-78 and then I-81 from Long Island NY. So, first impressions and all, it does indeed seem to be an "Astroturf" (as in, no real grass roots) non-event.

I'm playing bass for Caroline Doctorow (supporting her "Another Country: The Songs of Richard and Mimi Fariña" CD) Thursday 4/16, first here in Knoxville on the "Blue Plate Special" WDVX radio program at noon, then over in Nashville at 7pm at Norm's River Road House. For both shows, fiddler Barbara Lamb is also in the house - can't wait to meet her. The rock-solid Andrew Carilllo (Joan Osborne) is manning the guitar and electric sitar.

For us New Yorkers, gas is cheap here (we're used to $2.25 in the land of Little Edie's "Grey Gardens"), and we almost missed the fact that there's an hour time difference between Knox- and Nash- villes.

Mental note: Convince the band to stop for eats in Abington VA on the way back in order to try to say howdy to the wonderful Dixie Bee Liners...

PS - Gore Vidal was great on HBO's Bill Maher show tonight.

Monday, April 13, 2009

By The Way... gossip and tidbits

Grey skies and drizzling in the awakening woods of Eastern LI NY:

The downloadable March 15 2009 Ryan Adams Concert (Nashville TN) features "Joke Time with Jon Graboff" - a couple of funny zingers from the pedal steel player...

If you're on Long Island NY this week, don't miss the Hideaways (with their bandleader playing guitar AND organ seemingly at the some time) at Bobbique, Patchogue on April 22nd. Word has it that Chris Ripley (The Lone Sharks) will be filling in behind the kit, as the Hideaways are seeking a permanent drummer, so there's a whole 'nother reason to attend...

The Blaggards are submitting a song for Paradiddle Records upcoming Kinks tribute... Reportedly, Caroline Doctorow, and the Lone Sharks will do the same.

This week, I head south, playing bass with Caroline Doctorow who does the Blue Plate Special (Knoxville TN) and Norm's River Road House ( Nashville TN), both on April 16th. I'm at the Living Room back in NYC on April 23rd, playing bass for Libby Johnson.

LOTS of free MP3's from brand-new releases, new artists
No longer publishing a printed edition. Web version is great.
Hmmm... them too.
Another good roots / site

Friday, April 10, 2009

"Bridget" by Gary Jude Anderson - Lyrics

this street looks like
it hasn't been lived on in 20 years
i stand and i wait
every now and then someone appears
when a breeze blows from alley ways
as the sky turns various grays
and bridget, tell me where are you

theater on the corner,
i could probably walk in for free
pizzaria or is it a diner?
not many people do i see
this big building was once a store
i bet nobody knows what for
and bridget, where could you be now?

bridget, oh bridget
i need your light to try and find me now
i made my point a long time ago
on this lonely road i go
but still and all i think i'm right somehow

evening downtown
not much different than the afternoon
go bowling, play the jukebox
there oughta be a crowd here soon
i hear pins tumbling down i think
no its just the ice cubes in this drink
and bridget, tell me is that you

bridget, oh bridget
i need your ligh to try and find me now
i made my point a long time ago
on this lonely road i go
but still and all i think i'm right somehow

darkness of night falls
on a now silent main street
on a bench i sit and wonder
what if you and i should ever meet
do i really want to get involved
or is this mystery best left unsolved
and bridget, where can you be now

bridget, oh bridget
i need your light to try and find me now
i made my point a long time ago
on this lonely road i go
and still and all i think i'm right somehow

GJA @ The Elvis Show, 1995, introduced by Steve Prisco:

Sunday, April 5, 2009

"Blood River" Film - Final Trailer

The Mick Hargreaves-penned "Haunted" appears in the soundtrack of Blood River, directed by Adam Mason (Devil's Chair). The film will be internationally distributed by Epic Films.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Local, Regional, National Music Gossip

Because it's true...

The economic downturn has hit even the most supposedly "immune areas" - on eastern Long Island, the East Hampton food pantry has been stretched to the limit, and local residents (who are local business owners and fishermen, not hedge fund managers) will now be charged $25 to park at their own beaches).

Right after you digest John Mellencamp's manifesto on the state of the music business, go straight to Trader Joe's, do your food shopping there, and never go back to your existing supermarket. T-Joe's is cheaper, the food is better (often organic), and they don't pass on "Food Payola" stocking charges to the customer the way all the über-markets do They even have a cool promo flyer online। And while we're at it, will someone please build one near me, so I don't have to go up-island all the time?


Iowa City left-of-of-center alt dot country pop punks Matthew Grimm & The Red Smear have wrapped up their new album, and tracks are starting to appear on their MySpace page. Former Star City helmsman Jason T. Lewis helped out with the recording, and has reportedly been gigging with the band. Not much otherwise, but you just KNOW their publicity lackey Ed Genaro will be sending stuff out soon. You'll see.

My dear "Bible Belt Noir Bluegrass" friends the Dixie Beeliners (Abington VA) are in the studio with producer Bill VornDick (Bob Dylan, Alison Krauss, Ralph Stanley, Jim Lauderdale) making their second effort for Pinecastle Records. I hear it's going very well... they also have a TON of live dates on the dance card. GO.

NY folk singer songwriter Caroline Doctorow continues to do extensive area radio shows in the area supporting her "Another Country: The Songs of Richard and Mimi Fariña" CD. This week sees her at on the Harry Waring Morning Show, WEHM-FM 92.9/96.9 (10 am Thurs 3/25). Yes, I'm playing acoustic bass and singing backups (along with Andrew Carillo on guitar, mandolin and electric sitar), and yes, she is also at the Stephen Talkhouse on Saturday March 28th at 8pm, and yes, there's a few gigs down Nashville way in April 2009. Love the folks in the band that I get to play with... and there ARE photos of last week's radio appearances at WHPC and Vin Scelsa's "Idiot's Delight" (WFUV) on the way.

Libby Johnson, who really sings like a bird, has just wrapped up her new CD "Perfect View" which is the follow-up to her great CD "Annabella". Mastering is reportedly done, and I've heard it's a real treat. (Of course I have - I played electric bass on it, so I HAVE heard it.) Not at liberty to say much yet, but, it WILL be worth the wait.
She's next playing in NYC at the Living Room, April 23rd 2009.

Bar-rockers The Blaggards (surprise, MH on bass) head into the studio starting this week for something that we'll certainly talk about later, and it will be magna cum loud. Promise. In the meantime, the summer leg of their "Ever Ending Tour" is being booked. For starters, there's a monthly Saturday residency at Nick's (Montauk), featuring things you can't get ANYWHERE ELSE: 3-7pm performance time, FREE admission, cheap pints at the bar, literally 50 feet from the beach. The staff is nice, and the crowd is often lively! See you there, this summer... and pray for NO TORNADOS, like the one at the Blaggards show July 18 of last year.

My own upcoming single (produced by Skip English) progresses. Mastering will be done soon - A-side is "Bridget" composed by the late great Gary Jude Anderson, B-Side is "Can't Keep Track of You Blues" featuring not only Matty Liot (who recently laid down five basic tracks at Sonic Youth's Hoboken studio) but ALSO Gene Casey (Lone Sharks) on guitar acrobatics. And lastly, my solo CD "Redemption Center" (2001) is now available on iTunes, with more back-catalogue stuff on the way.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Radio, Radio

A great couple of days to ring in spring. Friday afternoon 3/20, played bass with Caroline Doctorow on WHPC's "American Hit Radio" program (Nassau County, NY - the studio is located near the old Mitchell Field airplane hangars ) in a live performance/interview with hosts Tom Ryan (who also drums for The Blaggards) and Heidy Morales-Ryan. Andrew Carillo played awesome electric guitar, mandolin, and electric sitar, as usual. A great show, our appearance can be heard and downloaded here.

That very night, The Blaggards performed at the Stephen Talkhouse (Amagansett, NY), then the following morning (Sat March 21) it was right back to radioland, when Caroline and band trekked to WFUV (Fordham University, The Bronx) for the taping of Vin Scelsa's "Idiot's Delight", for broadcast the same evening at 8pm. I'll post a link to the archived show when it's uploaded. Happy spring...

(Photo: Paula Donnelly, MH @ Stephen Talkhouse 3/20/09)

Friday, March 20, 2009

"Gentle on My Mind" Caroline Doctorow LIVE

Caroline just added "Gentle on My Mind" at her reverbnation page, recorded live at the "Bound For Glory" folk radio show, WVBR-FM Ithaca NY, on March 8th 2009. Caroline Doctorow, vocals and guitar; Andrew Carillo, electric six string guitar; Gary Olayer, fiddle; Mick Hargreaves, acoustic bass. Also there is a video of "Someday Never Comes", recorded live at the Living Room NYC, Feb 2009.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Lakland Bass

"Blood River" Film Features MH-Penned song "Haunted"

"Haunted" written by MH and recorded/released by the Grip Weeds on their 2007 CD "House of Vibes Revisited", appears on the soundtrack of Leonidas Films Inc.'s latest feature film Blood River. Directed by Adam Mason (The Devil's Chair), the film is a psychological thriller, which explores the destruction of a young couple's seemingly perfect marriage. See the Trailer at IMDB.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Instrument Alert

I bought a Lakland Donald "Duck" Dunn model. Candy Apple Red P-Bass body with hand-wound pickups, J-Bass neck with big fat bar shaped fret markers, rosewood fingerboard, white side binding, extra thick headstock, Hipshot tuners, Schaller straplocks. Strings can be routed thru-bridge or thru-body. I'll be slapping on a set of flatwound strings and she'll be ready to go.  

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

w/ Caroline Doctorow - Bound For Glory

Sunday, March 8 2009 - WVBR-FM, Ithaca NY
Top: Andrew Carillo on mandolin; Middle: Mick at sound check;
Bottom: Gary Olayer's fiddle. Photo: Gwen Curtis

Performed on the "Bound For Glory" radio show (now 40 years old and running, originating from WVBR-FM, associated with Cornell University), playing in Caroline Doctorow's band along with Gary Olayer on fiddle, and Andrew Carillo on guitar, mandolin and electric sitar.

The radio show itself is a true throwback, broadcast live on the FM frequency on WVBR and on CJAI (Kingston, ON), with the modern additions of an ISDN link from the campus cafe performance room back to the radio station, and the additional small fact that it goes out worldwide live on an internet stream.

The program staff, headed by Phil Shapiro (M.A., '69), has things wired fairly tight - they get there around 6 pm, the gear comes out of the closet, gets placed, and after sound check and the requisite "speech", everything is ready to go live at 8pm. The lights come up and the band performs the first of three sets at 8:30pm.

The entire show was recorded, and there will be some songs posted in the Caroline Docotorow web-realm soon.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Blaggards play LI Music Hall of Fame event; Brooklyn singers moving to Iowa City?

Performed with The Blaggards at a private event for the Long Island Music Hall of Fame last night at Light House Harley Davidson (Huntington NY), at the invitation of LIMHOF board member Joe Rock. Joe set us up with a great PA, was gracious and even scored us some extra AC power drops even though he was being pulled in seven directions at once. Some great bikes were on display as part of the "Music and Motorcycles" exhibit, which was there for several days. I liked the non-Harley Davidson bikes, especially the ones with the boss daddy cool retro-logos. The Blaggards turned in two great sets, spotted Gary U.S. Bonds (who actually looked so young that we didn't recognize him immediately) and got to meet Bill from Paradiddle Records. The Blaggards are talking about some projects with Bill, that's all we'll say at this point...

In other news... first it was former Hangdogs lead singer Matthew Grimm who migrated from Brooklyn back to his home turf of Iowa City to launch his new band The Red Smear, then it was Star City singer Jason Lewis who did the same, enrolling in Iowa City University's Writer's Workshop... now there's word of the Damnwells lead singer Alex Dezen following suit. With Jason Lewis joining the Red Smear on stage at some local gigs, can some sort of supergroup teaming-up be too far off? Oh, to play bass in THAT act...

Getting ready to kick off shooting of a film for the "Bridget" single...


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