Tuesday, March 10, 2009

w/ Caroline Doctorow - Bound For Glory

Sunday, March 8 2009 - WVBR-FM, Ithaca NY
Top: Andrew Carillo on mandolin; Middle: Mick at sound check;
Bottom: Gary Olayer's fiddle. Photo: Gwen Curtis

Performed on the "Bound For Glory" radio show (now 40 years old and running, originating from WVBR-FM, associated with Cornell University), playing in Caroline Doctorow's band along with Gary Olayer on fiddle, and Andrew Carillo on guitar, mandolin and electric sitar.

The radio show itself is a true throwback, broadcast live on the FM frequency on WVBR and on CJAI (Kingston, ON), with the modern additions of an ISDN link from the campus cafe performance room back to the radio station, and the additional small fact that it goes out worldwide live on an internet stream.

The program staff, headed by Phil Shapiro (M.A., '69), has things wired fairly tight - they get there around 6 pm, the gear comes out of the closet, gets placed, and after sound check and the requisite "speech", everything is ready to go live at 8pm. The lights come up and the band performs the first of three sets at 8:30pm.

The entire show was recorded, and there will be some songs posted in the Caroline Docotorow web-realm soon.


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