Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Late October Update

Still photo from the "Bridget" music video shoot

Hello everyone preparing to rake leaves and cut firewood, or at least buy that five dollar bundle of logs on the side of the road. Remember - adhere to the honor system, and really put the five bucks in the slot !  

Much ado here deep in the eastern woods...
After bassin' it in the rhythm section of the Williams Daughters (Mark Boquist on drums) at Hill Country NYC Thursday October 29th 8pm, (part of the great Honky Tonk Angels series) it's a week off, then straight to editing the music video for my heavily Brian Wilson/Beach Boys-influenced single "Bridget", (mp3 of "Bridget" still downloadable FREE at Reverbnation), written by the late Gary Jude Anderson. This video should be released in time for everyone's holiday enjoyment. (Below is a still from just one of the location shoots). AND, a big thanks to WEHM-FM for the recent airplay "Bridget" has received over there.

The Songtrails Radio Hour (hosted by yours truly with Caroline Doctorow) forges ahead, next episode airing Saturday Nov. 7th at 7pm (and every first Saturday of every month) on WPKM 88.7 FM Montauk & 89.5 FM Bridgeport, on iTunes Radio (under "Eclectic") and streaming on the internet at WPKN.ORG. We feature sing-songwriter, folk, Americana, country-type music - Get full details, playlists, and listen to archived shows at the Songtrails Radio Podcast and Blog.

There's also raft of fall shows coming up with Caroline Doctorow, The Blaggards, and Libby Johnson (yes, her new album is out, and I'm playing bass & a little bit o' guitar on it - appearing on one track with Garland Jeffrys).  I'll detail those shows in an early November update. Also, thanks to all who made the recent Matty Liot & The Big Up show at the Stephen Talkhouse 10/23 a great success and a wild musical happening.

If that isn't enough, Them Blaggards REALLY ARE in the middle of studio recordings. You heard it here, maybe even first. See you on the radio!

PS - Multi-instrumentalist Will Hren is driving the Muscle-Stang to Southern California, but not before recording some demos - wish him luck by listening to his song "Sunday Rodeo" at producer Skip English's MySpace Page.


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