Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You Speak, Mick Listens

 With Mo Passin (L) and Rebecca Turner (R),
Lil' Mo and Banjo Lisa's Field of Stars @ Banjo Jim's NYC
Sunday Feb 21 2010

They say that today's music listeners want to discover, listen to, and download new music easily, for free. Meanwhile, independent bands and artists struggle to find ways to keep CD and vinyl formats vital and desirable enough to merit actual fan purchase. I want to hear what YOU have to say - here's some questions - please post a comment below. At the end of this post, there will be something, maybe even a couple things, FREE for you. Wait for it...

-- How do you discover, purchase, and listen to music?
-- What price should you pay?
-- What new music are you listening to?
-- What formats / methods should be used to release music?
-- What kind of band/artist extras, behind-the-scenes items, and fan-exclusives should be available online?

Things like "Name Your Price" CD Sales at shows, and including MP3 download codes with merchandise (buy T-Shirt, CD, vinyl, get additional free songs) are ideas that have been shown to work. Can't see not trying out these practices. I'll also be doing things like... (here comes free stuff):

Recommending other releases, shows
Dare Dukes Feb 26 Union Pool, Brooklyn NY; Rockabilly Freakout Sat Feb 26 at Matty T's, LI NY; Mo Passin House Concert, Mar 7th 3pm, East Northport NY (contact me for details); Singer-Songwriter Sundays at Bay Street Theatre, March 7 and 21 5pm Sag Harbor, NY; Harlem Parlour Music Club April NYC date TBA?

Releasing new songs in early demo form
Libby Johnson recently did this in a Facebook video - think I'll try something like this soon.

Continuing"Fan-Only" free MP3 downloads at Reverb Nation for those on the mailing list

BlankWeb music player
The newest download, Feb 23, 2010: I recently bought a large diaphram microphone, and tested it courtesy of a quick vocal-and-guitar demo of "Cryin' in The Rain", Everly Brothers-style. Join the fan list, download the song, see if the microphone passed the test. Already on the email list? Type your address in the box; the robot will know you.

Thanks in advance for writing back...  MH

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  1. Where do YOU find out about new music?

    After I posted this piece, I asked my eight music students today (ages 10-14) and they overwhelmingly said "RADIO", which was slightly surprising - I figured there would be more of an on-line component. Plus, there's hope for America's future: Here are their favorite bands/artists... a nice variety.

    Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Guns and Roses, White Stripes, Ramones, The Clash, Rage Against The Machine, jimi Hendrix, The Byrds, Lily Allen, The Soggy Bottom Boys, Stone Temple Pilots, Kings of Leon, Muddy Waters, Rolling Stones, Talking Heads, Adele, Feist, Howlin' Wolf, The Lone Sharks, The Fratellis, Cleo, Martha Mier, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, The Who, Bukka White, Patsy Cline, Eminem, Kanye West, The Yardbirds, Leadbelly, Mink Deville, Red Hot Chili Peppers, LIl' Wayne, Linkin Park, Bob Marley, White Stripes, T-Pain, Sex Pistols, 50 Cent, Sugar Hill Gang, Ray Charles, Arthur Alexander, Gram Parsons, Hound Dog Taylor, Bobby Charles, Bettie Servette, Tabby Thomas, Ike and Tina Turner, New York Dolls, The Meters, The Beatles, The Strokes, Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly, Bo Diddley, Lil Band of Gold, Beck, Green Day, Pink, Nine Inch Nails, Killers, Black Eyed Peas, Memphis Minnie, Tom Waits, Elmore James, Hank WIlliams 1, Hank Williams 3. (Even the kids know).

    But they HATE "Country".
    We'll fix that.



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