Friday, May 7, 2010

"Bridget" Music Video Debut

The talking, squawking, and balking is over, and today, the music video for "Bridget" (written by Gary Jude Anderson) has been released to the world. Gary, I hope you're listening and watching up there somewhere. My 7pm NYC show tonight at The Local 269 (269 E Houston Street @ Suffolk, NYC) will feature multi-instrumentalist Mike Bifulco, along with guest singers Jennifer Hargreaves Pawliczak, Gary Pig Gold, and Libby Johnson.

Produced, directed, edited by Mick Hargreaves
Recording produced by Skip English and Mick Hargreaves
Performed by Mick Hargreaves
Skip English
(additional drums and percussion)
Chris Mehos

Many thanks to those who helped in many ways:

Gary Jude Anderson, Mike Bifulco, Paula Donnelly, Jennifer Dopkin, Skip English, Glenn's Diner, Matt Harris, Jesse Haynes, LIbby Johnson, Ander Kazmerski, Joe Lauro, Luisa's Magic Scissors, Chris Mehos, Steve Prisco, "Clutch" Reilly, Rayman Recording, Scotto, Howard Thompson, Vail-Leavitt Music Hall, The Warehouse, Dan Wise


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