Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Katy Perry vs. John Lennon

The New York Roots Music Association & Saturday Night Social Club presents 

Saturday, September 18th 2010 8PM - "IMAGINE THIS: The music of John Lennon" - American Legion Hall Post 1812 Plainview NY - Performances of the "Rock and Roll" & "Imagine" LPs by members of The Blaggards, The Hornets, Mike Bifulco, Russ Seeger, and many special guests. $10, Cash Bar

Recently , I was ordering a large coffee in a suburban Starbucks that's located on an actual village Main Street, a nice contrast to the soulless, strip-malled, limited access highway location-situation currently poisoning the US landscape.

I took notice of two CD's displayed shoulder-to-shoulder at the point-of-purchase: The new John Lennon best-of collection, "Remember", and Katy Perry's latest twinkie-gasm, "Teenage Dream".

Perry's release is festooned with a sticker proclaiming "Cotton Candy-Scented!", and the twenty-something register-girl catches me SNIFFING it. Busted.

Launching into damage-control mode, I hold both CD's up and say,

"Some contrast, huh?"

"Actually, I just listened to it, it's pretty good," she replies.

"The Katy Perry?"

"No," she says, holding back a smirk. "The John Lennon."


Catch some of us chatting about the show and performing some of Beatle John's solo material TODAY (Wednesday, Sept 15th) on Tom and Heidy Ryan's "American Hit Radio" at 5pm Eastern, WHPC 90.3 FM Garden City NY.

Mick Hargreaves solo acoustic shows East Setauket NY Sat 10/2, Bridgehampton NY Sat 10/9 (w/ Caroline Doctorow & The Steamrollers).

The Blaggards MTK Sat 9/25, NYC Sat 10/2, Bay Shore NY Sat 10/9

The Songtrails Radio Hour next new show Sat 10/2, 7pm WPKN 89.5FM Bridgeport CT, 8pm WEER 88.7FM Montauk NY


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