Tuesday, December 20, 2011

"Crystal Ball" Music Vid

Mick Hargreaves "Crystal Ball" from Mick Hargreaves on Vimeo.

Early in the summer of 2011, Joe Delia was pretty far along writing this song, and asked me to contribute some lyrics to get it 100% done. The morning of Saturday, July 30th, we completed a piano and vocal demo of the song at his place in Montauk NY, USA. That very night, after the debut show of Mick Hargreaves & The King Guys at the Grey Horse, I was brutally attacked outside the club, which put me in hospital for five days and out of commission for almost two months. This performance is just me with guitar, recorded live at the secret hideout on December 16 2011, with the Lantern Sound Mobile Rig. Thanks to Chris Mehos for video gear loaner. 

It's good to be back.

Mick Hargreaves - December 17, 2011

Crystal Ball (Delia, Hargreaves)
© 2011 All Rights Reserved
(Slymoon Publishing BMI / Crazy World Ain't It Music BMI)


Friday, December 9, 2011

"Redemption Center II" Track Details

Redemption Center II is comin'...
No Release Date Yet
While organizing my musical archives in early 2011, I found some recordings never finished, others never released, and other deep, unheard rarities; enough songs to justify release of "Redemption Center II". Straight-forward pure-pop rocker songs dominate, blending in some mild psychedelia, crunch-rock, and even an anti-ballad. Initial release will be digital-only, with limited promo editions for radio, press, etc.

In the past couple weeks, rippers like Anthony Liberatore (M.U.R.M.U.R., Complete Unknowns), King Guy Mike Bifulco, and Pete Mancini (Butcher's Blind) have graced the Lantern Sound Mobile Rig with their kickin' guitar parts recorded for the release, with a couple more due in. Then mixing will commence.

Track Details
Six tracks were mined from the analog reel-to-reel tape archives, completed digitally late 2011 with the Lantern Sound mobile recording rig: Compromise, Hometown, I Don't Know Why, Anna All Along, Real Fine Beauty, Hey Hey. Three MH-penned Tonebenders (NYC) demo/rehearsal takes survived a flood and a band breakup: Let Me Be, Days of Lost Love, Found a Girl. Three additional bonus tracks will be included when "Redemption Center II" is purchased digitally, in it's entirety.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

MH Shows @ Turning Point 12/17, Grey Horse Tavern 12/30 Close Out 2011

Finishing out the "Worst and Best Year Ever" with two nice MH shows:

Sat Dec 17th - 9pm - $20
Joe Delia and Thieves CD Release
Mick Hargreaves - Solo Acoustic
Turning Point Cafe (Piermont NY)


A Thieves CD release party can't be anything but great, especially at this venue. As an honorary member of the Thieves "extended family" I'll be in good company, made doubly exciting by their new disc, which features the band's usual cast of characters plus guest appearances by folks like Max Weinberg, Tony Garnier, and Nancy Atlas. I'll do an acoustic set of old and new material to open the night, with unexpected things surely to follow.

photo: Falsalama.com
Facebook Invite Page
Friday December 30, 2011 - 9pm
"Getting Back on The Horse"
Mick Hargreaves and The King Guys
Jeff McLary and The Heavy Duty Haulers
Matthew Grimm (The Hangdogs)
Grey Horse Tavern - Bayport NY


Peace, Love, Grey Horse: Leave New Year's Eve to the amateurs… Join The King Guys and I on "Professionals Night", Friday 12/30/11, as we finally rattle back to life with a return to the incredible Grey Horse Tavern. The raucous entertainment will include a set by Jeff McLary and The Heavy Duty Haulers, musicians Mike Bifulco, Gary Dawson, Don Mangels, an opening set by Matthew Grimm (The Hangdogs), and who knows what surprise appearances. It's 12/30, so you won't feel obligated to kiss a drunk, strange person next to you at midnight, although you'll still be allowed, and perhaps even encouraged to do exactly that.


FRI 12/09 Joe Delia and Thieves CD Release
Stephen Talkhouse (Amagansett, NY);
SAT 12/10 Caroline Doctorow and The Steamrollers
Buckley's (Valley Stream NY);
SAT 12/17 3pm Matinee Show / THU 12/22 10pm Evening Show:
Religiously boozed-up holiday hayride (FREE), Rodeo Bar NYC;
SUN 12/18 - Annual Hoboken Holiday Party
Maxwell's (Hoboken NJ)
Benefitting the city's public film series will feature the usual (and unusual) cast of characters, many of which I will truly need to catch up with. Among many others, Matthew Grimm to perform.

Full details on all shows here.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"Major Glitch" Segment, Film Completed

Still image from the promo film. Camera: Hayley Gordon
My contribution-segment to Chris Butler's "Major Glitch" is finished and mastered, and there's also a "promo film" completed to go along with the music. Addition/release dates for both will most likely be announced with very little advance notice - it'll just happen... Wait for it. My over-arching goal: Get others to contribute segments, too, and push the lyrical mantra of "Sometimes you can fix something by.... " further into the collective Lexicon ("Collexicon"?).

Chris (The Waitresses, Tin Huey, Legendary Wild Ensemble, Purple Knif) first released the "Devil's Glitch" in 1996, a nearly 70-minute song that was subsequently certified "Longest Recorded Pop Song" by the Guinness Book Of World Records. Since then, the larger "Major Glitch" has grown to nearly three hours in length, and has received many segment contributions from the likes of Freedy Johnson, Kramer, The Cucumbers, Ralph Carney, Gary Pig Gold and "Manny Moore". 

Performing with Chris over the years has been a joy, he's given me a valuable songwriting tip here and there, and even he schlepped out to eastern LI to perform at a benefit for me on 9/16/11, so it's only right for me to give back, via "The Glitch". I'm gently beating the bushes in my small corner of the world to continue doing so. Backwoods planetary bluesman Jim Turner has just recorded a segment using the Lantern Sound Mobile Rig, while the Butchers Blind guys have indicated a desire to do a segment in early 2012. We're just trying to fix something... by making it longer. You can help make the "Major Glitch" even longer by contributing your segment. Get info at: http://www.majorglitch.net

MANY THANKS to D C Deforest, Lisa Renaud, Carrie Ann Silvi, Chris Mehos, Tom Ryan, Sally Stryker, Scott Anthony, Hayley Gordon, and of course Chris Butler, for helping make the recording and film happen. Y'all are awesome!

The Guinness Book of World Records "Longest Recorded Pop Song"

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tip O' The Hat: The Photographers

Photographers do more than just document a happening. They interpret, tell a story, inspire other creative types, and sometimes just plain make us say, "Wow". I've been lucky to cross paths and stay in touch with some great ones right in our own backyard here, and I'm sure more will be added to this list, probably soon...

Robert D. Comes is the resident lensman at the Stephen Talkhouse and has taken photos of just about everyone who's performed there, but he also does a lot of great nature photography. I've known Robert for quite a while, and his images are great every time out. It's always nice to see him at the store for morning coffee. http://www.stephentalkhouse.com/photoGallery.asp

photo: Robert D. Comes
Ken Farrell is at almost every New York Roots Music Association (and Saturday Night Social Club) event, and his style is unique. I particularly like his portrait and slow shutter speed/motion blur work. http://www.facebook.com/#!/justkids25

Photo: Ken Farrell

While she was an official photographer at the 9/16/11 Stephen Talkhouse benefit, Kristina Gale does so much more than shoot live music. She says "I especially enjoy portrait work, blurring the line between fine art and portraiture, creating something deeper." Her gallery certainly bears this out: http://kristinagale.redbubble.com/

photo: Kristina Gale
I first encountered Daniel Gonzalez at a Sag Harbor "barge party", and most recently saw him in Zuccotti Park, NYC. There's been a lot of top-notch work in between, to say the least. http://gonzophotostudio.com

photo: Daniel Gonzalez
Liz Malone's images often look like they were plucked right from a 50-year-old treasure-box of slides that you found at the thrift store. (Indeed, she's actually found some great images this way, too.). She's retro without being corny, which isn't always easy to do. http://www.photographynerd.com/

photo: Liz Malone
Jim Marchese is also a regular photog at NYRMA events, but his lens has also taken him around the world, often with some of the musical greats. He always delivers lots of great images. http://jimmarchese.com/

photo: Jim Marchese
If you ever sang or performed at a NYRMA gig or an Elvis Show, chances are good that Tom Pfeifer took a photo of you. Tom's photos are amazing and he's selected some of his best shots and put them up on line where you can buy prints or merch, with proceeds actually directed towards my medical expenses. I'm happy to say that soon, this might might not be necessary. More on this ASAP. Thanks, Tom! http://www.naturalvisionsimaging.com/

photo: Tom Pfeifer

Friday, October 21, 2011

Bonus Tracks Added To All Releases

Back to Work - Feels Good.

Today I added bonus digital tracks to all digital releases at Mick Hargreaves Dot Com. Purchase a digital copy (name your price using Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or Amex) and you'll automatically get extra hidden tracks. CD / 7-Inch releases purchased at the website are mailed to you, and they always include a full digital version download (including bonus tracks).

Details? Mostly Secret.

Culled from unreleased stuff, studio sessions, instrumental versions, rarities, rehearsal takes, there's even a holiday song. Bonus tracks can only be had when you purchase releases at Mick Hargreaves Dot Com, where most songs can be listened to before purchasing. When the full-length Redemption Center II comes out later this year, it will have bonus tracks, too.

"Bridget" b/w "Can't Keep Track of You Blues"
3 bonus tracks, total of 5

Redemption Center I
4 bonus tracks, total of 16

"Legendary Wild Kingdom" 7-Inch
3 bonus tracks, total of 5

Redemption Center II - Late 2011
Coming Late 2011, the full-length Redemption Center II will have bonus tracks, too.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thank You.

[Edited October 14 - Addition of the band El Camino Real (Ronnie Desiderio, Brian Luckey, Brian Moritz, Dan Trunk, MH) to the thank-you list of performers at the Stephen Talkhouse 9/16 benefit. The band was a very late addition to the show, and didn't make either the poster or the Facebook invite, which is what was being used for proofreading checks. Many apologies, guys!]

Never before have I used the phrase "Thank You", and had it mean so much.

They say that when a life-challenging event occurs, "you find out who your friends are". This summer, I found out who my friends' FRIENDS are... and made a good number of new ones in the process. My family also discovered a musical second cousin we didn't know we had... Paul Schmitz, which could take up a whole 'nother blog post, and maybe it will.

Speaking of blog, I'm glad that edits can be made to it - I'm convinced I'm going to leave somebody out in this post. If you are aware of any glaring omissions, let me know. I'll cover a lot of often-forgotten people right away, by thanking the men and women in the ranks of the Suffolk County Police Department, Patchogue Ambulance Crew, and the Brookhaven Memorial Hospital... who saved me, in the middle of the night. There's at least one more thank-you that will wait to go out... until after the criminal case is finished.


It's hard to measure the awesome power and immediate effect of waking up in the emergency room surrounded by an ever-growing crowd of loved ones. This helped me in an immense way, and folks, your showing at the hospital grew so intense that police decided to institute control measures in the lobby to prevent the situation from turning into an even bigger circus. We actually needed crowd control.

It wasn't long before the phone / internet chain got out the word truly far and wide, and soon after, while I was still in a hospital bed, cards and letters started coming in, people visited with things I'd need in hospital, and folks were conjuring up benefit events to help pay anticipated medical bills. My friends really made things happen, and much of it they made it happen with music, and the music community. My family of course, were superstars, handling everything that came their way, at all times. And that includes mom and dad hosting my month-long recuperation at their house. Thank you!

The many who came to my side, literally and figuratively, are lumped into one gigantic group of wonderful people in my mind. But, for the sake of organization and in the name of being complete, thank-you's detailed here will go out according to benefit event. Keep in mind that some folks pitched in on more than one benefit event.

Friday Sept 16 2011
Benefit @ Stephen Talkhouse
Amagansett, NY

Peter Honercamp and Nick Kraus of the Stephen Talkhouse offered everything, paving the way for the incredible night that was to take place there 9/16/11.

Laura Perotti took charge, enlisting Cynthia Daniels to host (Cynthia also kindly recorded the evening with her mobile rig), Randolph Hudson lll to be musical director, and Tim Bando and Tim Conners of The Meeting House Restaurant to provide food for the musicians before the show. Mike Mazzaraco handled the technical requirements of the ever-changing stream of artists on stage (playing some bass as well).

Laura arranged for Tropical Mixmaster Mike Versandi (of Big Kahuna Creative) to design event posters (he already had the T-Shirt in motion), and she not only wrote, but distributed press releases to the media, including Ken Gustino of the Montauk Pioneer, who ran a full-page advert, gratis. Laura also secured radio appearances with our wonderful friends at WPPB 88.3FM, WEHM 92.9 and 96.9FM, WPKN 89.5FM and the late WEER 88.7FM for many of the performing musicians (and yours truly), certainly helping affect a large turnout at the show, and arranged for photographers Krisitina Gale and Abby Rose to officially document the evening.

John Hanford engaged a virtual money-raiser over the internet, while Crossroads Music kingpin Michael Clark not only spread the word amongst musicians and customers, but put a gigantic smile on my face and "tear in my beer" with just a ukelele.

The dizzying array of performers included El Camino Real (Ronnie Desiderio, Brian Luckey, Brian Moritz, Dan Trunk, Me) James Benard, Chris Butler (of The Waitresses and of Tin Huey), Gene Casey and The Lone Sharks (Chris Ripley, Paul Scher, Tom Hopkins), Sarah Conway, Joe Delia and The Thieves, Caroline Doctorow and The Steamrollers (including Andrew Carillo and Gary Oleyar), Inda Eaton (joined by Mama Lee, Chris Mehos, Tom Ryan at one point), John Hanford, Randolph A. Hudson III, Tali "Icepack" Jackson, Jettykoon (Tom Muse, Abby Levin, Bill Lucey), Anthony Liberatore, Matty Liot, Michael Mazz, Alfredo Merat, Walter Noller, Dalton Portella, Jim Turner, and Michael Weiskopf.

Friday Sept 16 2011
The Hangdogs @ The Rodeo Bar, NYC

Matthew Grimm, J.C. Chmiel, Rob Gottstein, Automatic Slim, and Dave Stengel staged their own "pass the hat" benefit for the "Mick Hargreaves Cranium Repair Fund", simultaneous with the Stephen Talkhouse event that night. Thanks, guys! A planned stage-to-stage cell phone hook-up did not happen, but the hat WAS filled. Original drummer Keven Baier sent kind regards from Washington State, where he recently moved. We may be seeing him over the 2011 holidays though. Stay tuned.

Sunday Sept 18 2011
Benefit @ Greenlawn Moose Lodge
Greenlawn NY

My close friends in and around the New York Roots Music Association and Saturday Night Social Club (NYRMA) circled the wagons immediately after hearing the news, and got right to work spreading the word, putting together an afternoon/evening of music. There's so much talent in them there hills that it was certainly tough deciding on a final musical lineup. Time/length of event changes forced the original bill to be trimmed back a bit, but the end result was still spectacular, with The Butcher's Blind, Lost Hombres, The Dixie Bee-Liners, The Hangdogs, The NYRMA All-Stars and Los Blaggards crankin' it up all day and into the evening.

MC's Joe Rock (helped by Rich Wisneski) presided over the festivities. Gary Dawson coordinated the backline, and many musicians graciously allowed their equipment to be used for the day. Don Nostrand donated his time and services with the PA system, and Tom and Heidy Ryan (of course) hosted rehearsals for the NYRMA band at The Bunker. The poster was designed by Jeff McLary.

Paul Schmitz, Sue Rassekh, Rich Wisneski, Davidson Electronics, Steve Prisco, Peggy English, Claudia Jacobs, LaScala Restaurant, and Eric Crugnale brought incredible raffle prizes, while photographers Ken Farrell and Tom Pfeifer are donating their work to the cause. Maroni Cusine provided some incredible meatballs, and Heidy Ryan, Patty McLary, Lizz Prisco, Annie Mark and Eunice Dawson did what needed to be done. Phil Tully lent a big hand, and Ms. Tully brought big trays of salad. 

Musical performers included Butcher’s Blind (Pete Mancini - Guitar, Vocals; Brian Reilly - Electric Bass Guitar; Paul Cianciaruso - Drums, Vocals; Joe Sanders - Guitar, Towel), The Dixie Bee-Liners (Buddy Woodward and Brandi Hart with Skip Ward, Bennett Sullivan, & the ever awesome Todd Patrick Livingston), The Hangdogs (Matthew Grimm, J.C. Chmiel, Rob Gottstein, Automatic Slim, Dave Stengel, me), The Lost Hombres (Russ Seeger, Michael Meehan, Paul Schmitz, with special guests Tom Ryan and Chris James), Los Blaggards (Steve Prisco, Tom Ryan, Rich Umbach, me), and a special ”Best Of NYRMA” set by The NYRMA All-Stars which included Annie Mark, Chris James, Russ Seeger, Claudia Jacobs, Rich Wisneski, Terry Day, Eric Crugnale, Pete Crugnale, Jeff McClary, Mike Drance, Bobby Barca, Jenna Silverman, Dave Wise, Tom Ryan, Mike Bifulco, Steve Prisco, Howie Silverman, Rich Umbach, Ben Silverman.

Friday Sept 23 2011
Lone Sharks @ Grey Horse Tavern
Bayport NY

Gene Casey and the Lone Sharks held yet another fundraisin' effort where you can "relax by the tracks", The Grey Horse Tavern in Bayport, NY. Irene and Linda run a grrrrrreat place, and I'm convinced everyone will like this establishment; GO. I would have been there for this event, but I had to leave town for a NJ wedding. Thanks, Gene, Chris, Paul, and Tony! 

Cards and Letters
There's still something special about opening a letter delivered from near or far by the US Postal Service, and some of them came from far away, indeed. Thanks for sending them in, and I've got your address now, so... :)


While still in the ICU, I was totally unaware of the supportive efforts that were quickly evolving in the nearby outside world, that is, until my sister said, "You won't believe what's going on out there about this." The scale that the caring and concern would soon take on was unimaginable to me at the time. I am blessed.

The medical bills have come, of course, and as much coverage/assistance that can be obtained is being applied for. Funds that have been raised to date will make a HUGE dent in the bills. But the numbers get blown away by the awesome effect of family, friends, fans, and complete strangers showing up in support, whether in person, by phone, email, postings, cards, letters, or what have you.

It really has made a huge difference, folks. I'll never forget this, and I'll never forget you. Call me if you need me. Reach out. I'll be there. MH


Friday, September 16, 2011

CD Giveaway at 9/16, 9/18 Benefit Shows

Hi everyone.

I'm feeling great, anxious to put this entire bizarre life-chapter behind us all, but truly excited for this weekend's benefit shows (Stephen Talkhouse Fri 9/16 7pm, Greenlawn Moose Lodge 9/18 3pm). It's a great opportunity for me to thank as many people as possible in person for the incredible support that's come my way. Through your compassion alone, you guys have made it so much easier for me to deal with everything. Can't wait to see everyone.

The earliest of arrivals at the shows this weekend will be treated to a free "bootleg promo" copy of the "Redemption Center" CD, for the first time garnished with four secret bonus tracks. I don't know how many copies are going to be duplicated and available by showtime, but it's going to be quite a limited number.

After the shows, the four bonus tracks will be available only when the entire 16-song (12 plus 4 bonus tracks) Redemption Center CD is purchased in low or hi-quality electronic form at http://www.mickhargreaves.com

If you're NYC-centric this weekend, head over to see THE HANGDOGS Reunion Show at The Rodeo Bar Friday 9/16 7-10 pm. They're calling that one the "Mick Hargreaves Cranium Repair Fund Benefit". And I approve. (They're also appearing at the Sunday Benefit). MH

Mick Hargreaves "Redemption Center" CD

Monday, September 12, 2011

Update, Mon Sept 12: Getting There.

I'm in the home stretch of the physical healing process. One of the hardest things that remains to do is to make sense of the really horrible thing that happened to me in the wee hours of Sunday July 31st 2011 after playing a great show. I've tried this enough to know it's impossible to do. By comparison, the approximately $50,000 in medical expenses (incurred over five days in hospital with subsequent outpatient cat-scans and doctor visits) are easy to think about; they're just inanimate numbers on billing statements, and gee, they didn't try to do me in. But there are shiny, bright pieces of good news beginning to pave the way towards getting back on the happy-horse, and returning to musical productivity:

Doctor's Report

Thursday, September 1st was a big, big day. That was when the neuro-surgeon stated there would be no more cat scans and no more visits to see him; I had accomplished an incredible amount of healing since the ambush, and I could start getting back to normal life. While being around loud music would be OK, there would be NO surfing just yet. I would still need to be resting and gaining back strength. I'll take miracles like this one.

With Gene's Case, backstage with the Lone Sharks at Wade's Beach Blast (Robin Paltis)
Test-Driving the Car

Jetty Koon, Joe Delia & The Thieves, The Lone Sharks and a nameless Bachelor Party Band all had me sit in at recent live shows in the past two weeks. It was great to let the horses out of the barn for a test-run, and I can say with confidence that vocals and bass/guitar playin' are all in order and feeling great. Another miracle.

Three Benefit Shows - Sept 16-18 2001

Musicians & Friends, led by some incredible people including Laura Perotti, Steve Prisco, Tom & Heidy Ryan, Randall Hudson III, Matthew Grimm, and Cynthia Daniels, have miraculously set up THREE different benefit shows to raise funds going towards my medical bills.

To fill in listeners on the benefit show info, there will be some radio this week. On WEHM 92.9 & 96.9FM, Inda Eaton appears Tues 9/13 7:20pm, Joe Delia and I appear Thurs 9/15 7:20pm, and Bonnie Grice will welcome Joe, Inda and myself to her morning show on WPPB 88.3FM Wed Sept 14 at 11am. More detailed info will be posted on Facebook.

Designed by Michael Versandi, Big Kahuna Creative

"East" show, Friday Sept 16th 7-10pm
Stephen Talkhouse
(Amagansett, NY)
(THANK YOU, Peter,  Nick, and everyone else at our fave east end music room). A vast array of performing talent, including James Benard, Chris Butler (of The Waitresses and of Tin Huey), Gene Casey & The Lone Sharks, Sarah Conway, Joe Delia and PJ Delia (of the Thieves), Caroline Doctorow & The Steamrollers, Inda Eaton, Randolph A. Hudson III, Tali "Icepack" Jackson , Jettykoon, Telly Karoussos, Anthony Liberatore, Michael Mazzaraco, Alfredo Merat, Walter Noller, Dalton Portella, Jim Turner, and Michael Weiskopf. https://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=244877942212074

"West" Show, Sun Sept 18th 3-8pm
Moose Lodge 318
(Greenlawn, NY)
It's band night! The Hangdogs, Last Hombres, Butcher's Blind, Buddy Woodward and Brandy Hart (Dixie Bee-Liners), and the NYRMA All-Stars join forces for a rock-and-roll Sunday to be remembered. Please Note: It's been recently discovered that the Last Hombres' Paul Schmitz is Mick's second cousin. Various extended family members previously unfamiliar with each other will be on display for no extra charge. https://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=233280386709939

Funny Poster of The Week

The Hangdogs, Friday Sept 16th 7-10pm
Rodeo Bar NYC

Yep, The Hangdogs have graciously taken it upon themselves to raise some extra samolians for the "Cranium Repair Fund" at the altar of Hangdog-dom, the Rodeo Bar. As always, they'll use music and beer to "chart the uneasy commerce between the personal, social and political realms that simultaneously spawns horrors and offers solutions". https://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=141581645936307

Thanks, everyone... for caring, sharing, communicating, and loving.


Monday, August 29, 2011

Quick Medical Update 8/29/2011

Well, we managed to keep ourselves and our stuff safe from Hurricane Irene. Right now, I'm thinking about the flooding hell going on in many towns and cities north and west of our region, and the friends who are stuck dealing with it. It hit so fast, there was never time to sandbag...

The cat-scan place here on Long Island has electrical power (post-Hurricane Irene), so in I go Tuesday morning 8/30/2011 for a fourth electronic check-up from the neck-up. Fingers are crossed that Thursday the neuro-surgeon will look at the brain images and find further healing, additional progress, and happy thoughts. MH

Cat Scan, Literally.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Music Video - Storyboard Detail

Because I'm healing from a serious head injury, performing, recording, even singing... is out of the question for now. No coffee or beer either. No internal variables. I think about a lot of things, from medical bills to the history of whaling to general life philosophy, to new song ideas, and I stay up quite late doing so. Asleep, I even dream more.

Tonight, it's truly hard to doze because of the approach of Hurricane Irene, and the preparations she necessitates. Vehicles, property, and boats might be saved, but you never know - they might not. People are helping me, and I'm helping people.

This week, I realized one bit of creativity can still happen while healing: Shooting footage for an upcoming music video. It's already begun, bolstered by the awesome eye of a very talented cinematographer. All will be revealed when the vid is complete. Here's a teaser doodle-sketch "storyboard" sketched at night, shot the following day.

Be safe out there. zzzzzzzzz MH

Monday, August 22, 2011

Where We're At - Monday Aug 22, 2011

Progress continues. A third cat scan (head only) and subsequent doctor's visit last week confirmed that advances have been made, with more expected. More rest is planned for the remainder of August (in advance of another cat-scan), monitoring of some very important symptoms, along with some "normal" activity (walks, low-impact swimming, reading, some fiddling about on guitar, getting life organized once again) folded into the routine. There's also immense amounts of paperwork to do, but that's a boring story for another day.

Officially, I feel it would be prudent to now announce that any performances by yours truly won't resume until approximately the third week of September, at the earliest.

While I calmly and slowly navigate the "recuperation road" back to health, I send endless hugs to you incredibly thoughtful, compassionate, and supportive folks out there (many from some pleasantly surprising corners of the world), who, through even the smallest of gestures, have continued to make a huge difference. I'm a very lucky man - Bless you all.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Morning Update

Everyone's been asking, so...

Two weeks and a day now since the "Midsummer Night's Hurt".

Still considerable head pain, eye aches, dizziness. Some days, it's really been rugged. Accomplished a very abbreviated short walk several mornings ago. It's still mostly couch, eat, tub, couch. Keeping reading/typing to a minimum, in light of aforementioned pains and difficulties. Can't tax the eyes.

The good news: Exterior wounds, bruises, and raccoon eyes are healing. Finally picked up a guitar this morning, an electric, not plugged in, to keep volume low. Can't tax the ears, but gotta notate the ideas. Mom, dad, family, and really everyone out there... have been superstars.

The rest of the comeback could figure to be a slow, methodical slog. Dying to get back to being a productive member of society, but there's no way to put a timetable on that, and assumptions must be kept low when you're dealing with a fractured skull. Can't tax the fractured skull: I'd like to show up in good shape for scheduled cat-scan & neurosurgeon visits later this week.

So, a special message to everyone out there: When you sing, play, perform, surf, sail, write, create, shred, whatever... please push it up to 11 for me, and I will smile for you. 

I will now return to the simple pleasures of cinnamon raisin toast with butter. Really, really digging that. MH

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

News Direct From Mick Hargreaves

Hello everyone; this is really Mick, typing for the first time since July 30th 2011, a night that featured a great gig with a horrible aftermath. I need to keep this brief, as I am still dealing with weakness, dizziness and brain-pain.

Yesterday was a momentous one; an engaging doctor/surgeon removed staples that had been attached to my skull in the trauma unit as soon as I was wheeled into hospital early the morning of Sunday July 31st. Apparently there was no time to waste that fateful night - without any painkillers or anesthesia, the skillful experts went right to work bringing two several-inch long slices in my head back together. It was nasty, but necessary, and they did an incredible job. With staples now removed, those wounds can proceed to heal further.

What remains now is a waiting game. A skull fracture is a tricky thing that will only heal with time. I am feeling better, bit by bit, day by day. I've begun to sleep longer than an hour or two at a time. I also feel very lucky to be blessed with such caring people. Everyone from family, friends, fellow musicians, fans, right down to complete strangers have truly stepped up and made a real difference in my life. It is already impossible to ever forget any of you.

Please keep in mind that for now, although they still appear on my itinerary, all performances are on hold, pending an improvement in health. We'll get there, a day at a time, and when I know, you will, too.

In the meantime, I want to start what will be a long, pleasant journey of thanks by offering everyone some free music. Simply go to http://www.mickhargreaves.com figure out what you'd like to download, enter a price of "$0.00" and your email address, and you can have what you like. If that means every song there, so be it - I want you to have them. This is just the start of ways that I will be offering thanks.

In closing, I'd like to relate some eastern-tinged philosophy that was related to me by the very doctor who was in the midst of removing my skull-staples. He said something about how life is just a road, we never know what turns are involved, but we can still get somewhere nonetheless. He unwittingly hewed very close to a favourite George Harrison song of mine, so I will simply include a link to that song here.

George Harrison "Any Road"

Monday, July 18, 2011

Bass Players Who Deliver Pizza

DISLIKE. Source: randork.com
I like playing the bass. I also like pizza. Now imagine the excitement of playing bass AND delivering pizza, like Ben Silverman (Mick Hargreaves & The King Guys) and Brian Reilly (Butchers Blind) do. We had a chat.

Please respond to the statement that applies to you:

a) Thanks for bringing pizza to rehearsal! By the way, you're late.

b) Why didn't you bring pizza to rehearsal? By the way, you're late.

BEN: Yeah…the owners have been stingy with the free pizza of late.
Bassist Ben Silverman. (Kirill Klimakhin)
MH: What's the fave bass in your arsenal right now?

BEN: Right now I'm playin the Ibanez Artcore. I never thought of it as a particularly good bass, but lately I've been getting a lot of compliments on it.

BRIAN: Well I only have two basses (bassi) - the first is a Mexican Jazz bass the second is a Gretsch jet bass. I'd have to say the jazz bass. I've had it longer, it has more personality, and I've played every memorable gig with it.

MH: What's your amp rig?

BEN: GK head, with a 15 inch speaker in a mesa cabinet.

BRIAN: I play through an Ampeg SVT400-T.

MH: As a bass player who doesn't deliver pizza (yet) but is intrigued, what am I missing out on?

BRIAN: You're missing out on the best job ever! Blasting music in your car and eating free pizza all the f'n time!

BEN: The occasional scantily-clad woman hands you money for services rendered. Also some easy money, time to read, and young girls to leer at. Basically, its a job whose fringe benefits vastly outweigh the actual benefits.

Bassist Brian Reilly (Gonzalo Romero)

MH: How's the pizza - what do you recommend?

BRIAN: I recommend any specialty slice - at my place they change them up every day.

BEN: Francesco's where i work, across from the Whitman Mall (plug) has some badass grandma pizza. Little V's in the H-Ton Village is probably the best post-bar snack ever (cold cheese slice is THE classic Huntington foodstuff).

MH: What's your hoopty-ride pizza delivery vehicle?

BEN: My used Hyundai Santa Fe, in black (duh.)

BRIAN: I've delivered pizza in five cars so far - 1987 Toyota Camry, 1996 Honda Civic, 1990 Buick Skylark, 1990 Oldsmobile 88, and finally, my current car, a 1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass. The most practical car was the Honda cause it was stick shift and great on gas. But my favorite has to be the 88 cause it was one of the shittiest cars I've ever seen, yet alone owned. I love my current car but it sucks on gas (Delivery guys pay their own gas so tip well!).

MH: Weirdest pizza delivery story?

BEN: Got a delivery to a house on a high hill: I had to use an intercom to get into a gate at the bottom of the driveway that curled around the hill. When I reached the house, sitting in the driveway was AN F-ING HELICOPTER. The 12 year old son in the family then proceeded to tip me 15$ on 45$ worth of food. 

BRIAN: This story did not take place in current pizzeria I work at but this is probably the weirdest story. One time an old drunk - a regular customer - was hanging around in the store. I was relaxing on a slow day with the old man, some 16 year old kid, and my boss. My boss started taunting the old man about not having hair on his legs. The old man replied, "well I got hair where it counts!" and pulled down his pants in front of of us, exposing his parts to the entire dining room. 

MH: Funniest pizza delivery story?

BRIAN: Again the setting is at my old pizzeria: My boss used to serve Carlo Rossi out of styrofoam cups because he did not have a liquor license. If you have never tried Carlo Rossi it probably is not considered restaurant quality wine, especially out of a styrofoam cup. I frequently had the long, slow, day shift on Sundays and I would get bored often. One of these Sundays I saw a local bum walking down the street so I invited him in and gave him a glass of the Carlo Rossi. I went into the kitchen to fetch him a slice of pizza and when I returned I saw him walking out the door with the styrofoam cup of wine, still full, in the gabage. Not even an alcoholic bum would want to drink that.

BEN: I took a delivery to the Abby Motor Inn, which is seedy at best. The guy who answered the door was a heavily muscled, excessively tattooed, Latino in his underwear. I was a bit startled. I have a quiet speaking voice and anything this guy didn't hear was followed by an off-putting and sharp "HUH?" But before I left he stopped me and asked (and I quote) "You smoke trees my nigga? I got weed in here my nigga."

MH: Saddest pizza delivery story?

BEN: Lonely old people who can barely get to the door in adult diapers, or are on oxygen, or have some other obvious disability and don't have loved ones to help them out. 

BRIAN:  I once gave my standard "how are you?" greeting as I handed a distraught looking man his regular cheese pie to which he replied: "Not great I just buried my mother." Okay then "have a nice day!"

MH: Do you ever deliver pizza with a bass in the vehicle?

BRIAN: Frequently my bass is hanging out in the trunk or laying down in the back seat as I sling pies the day after a gig!

BEN: Only accidentally.

MH: Anyone allowed to ride shotgun on the pizza delivery route? Because, like, I wanna go.

BRIAN: You are absolutely allowed to ride shotgun as I do my route, however, you must not eat any pizza and you have to read me the addresses.

BEN: Totally. As long as the owners aren't there. You just gotta buy beer, and be willing to deal with the smell of cigarettes and tomato sauce.

MH: What happens if you get pulled over by the cops while delivering pizza? Does a slice count as a bribe?

BRIAN: I've been pulled over for an illegal u-turn and the cop let me go after I told him I deliver pizza because "I [the cop] don't ticket pizza guys."

BEN: No Comment. In an unrelated note: Special shout out to Officer Magee!

MH: Do you deliver beer?

BRIAN: I am not allowed to deliver beer for the new pizzeria I work at; as for the old one, however, I have taken many six packs and cigarettes to their respective destinations along with regular orders.

BEN: Unfortunately, No. Write your congressman about that one.


Friday, July 8, 2011

SAT 7/30/11 Hargreaves, McLary & Friends in Midsummer Night's HOOT, Grey Horse Tavern

The New York Roots Music Association (NYRMA) presents a night of down-home, rabble-rousing acoustic and electric music in a MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S HOOT, July 30th 2011, 9:30pm, at the Grey Horse Tavern in Bayport NY, featuring MICK HARGREAVES (Los Blaggards, Caroline Doctorow, Hangdogs), and JEFF McLARY (LI Hornets) with their backing bands. Expect some NYRMA friends to join in the performance. Admission is 5 bucks, leaving more cake to spend on the GHT's great beer & wine selection, and if you like, menu choices culled from local and organic food sources. Relax by the tracks, baby.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

PHOTO: Electric Bass Guitar Arsenal

Back in October 210, I obsessed in a blog entry about getting the right strings for each of my basses. This post updates that one slightly, detailing modifications to two of these four "weapons":

Basses L to R: Jazz, Jaguar, "Duck" Dunn, Precision
Fender 2006 MIM Jazz Bass - This "Midnight Wine" bass now has round-wound strings, Dean Markley Blue Steel .45-.105 medium light gauge. If I'm going to have only one bass with roundwounds, it should be the J-Bass, to take advantage of all the tonal variety it offers. Used extensively on stage with Los Blaggards, is basically a recording bass now.

Fender 2006 MIJ Jaguar Bass - Really loving this bass, now that it's had the  whimpy white pickguard replaced with a black one. With Matty Liot & The Big Up, this bass had the "Joe Lauro setup": E and A flatwound, D and G Roundwound; now it has the set of GHS Flatwounds (.45-.105) pirated from the Jazz Bass. This is now the secondary, B-number-2 stage bass.

Lakland 2007 Donald "Duck" Dunn Bass - Strings haven't changed, but this whimpy white pickguard is the next one to go. Thinking about something in a lighter-colored tortoise-shell. This is the primo, A-number-1 stage bass (also pictured at the top of this blog).

Fender 1961 Precision Bass - Nothing's changed with this bass. Same log, same James Jamerson Strings, same incredible sound, same rule: NO GIGS - it's the A-number-1 recording studio bass. The sound of this thing plugged into the '64 Ampeg B-15N, then recorded with a mic on one channel, and DI'd on the other... is "money in the bank" as they say. Wait, one thing has changed on this bass; I recently added the "Ashtray" bridge cover, which can be seen lower right in the photo.

Previous Blog: Basses and Their Strings

Saturday, May 21, 2011

SETLIST: Montauk Music Fest @ The Montauket, Fri 5/13/11

Acoustic set w/Mike Bifulco - electric guitars

Hard to Get
Lost Highway (N. Atlas)
Queen of Hearts
Can't Keep Track of You Blues
Other People's Houses (K. Baier)
Always Come
Half as Much (H. Williams)
Hangdog Hotel Room (G. Lightfoot)
Bridget (G.J.Anderson)
Twirl (K. Friedman)
I Only Have Eyes For You (Flamingos)


Monday, May 16, 2011

Report: Playing The Montauk Music Fest

Thank you.

To the dog owner who corralled their barking hound three songs into my outdoor showcase set at the Montauket Friday evening, 13 May. A dedicated fetcher, he seems like an awesome pooch. Pure Montauk.

To Joe Delia, who then showed up during my set with a BOX OF MILKBONES. Thanks for spearheading the PA system arrangement, and for having me sit in with the Thieves for both our shows together.

To Mike Bifulco, who joined me on electric guitars at the Montauket show.

To the awesome west-facing Montauket.

To the proprietors of Gurney's Inn. Great opening party, very nice staff. Sound treatment in the big room, please?

To performers Urban Sun, Grand Folk Railroad, Joe Delia and the Thieves (of course), the always-awesome Jewlee Trudden, and Marianne Megna's entire crew. Too busy to see many more.

To Anthony Famiglietti of WEHM-FM 92.9 & 96.9FM and Bonnie Grice of WPPB 88.3FM for having me on the air the week before the festival.

Opening party at Gurney's Inn, Thursday May 12 2011.

I took the time to talk to many fans, the organizers, other artists, and anyone else willing to chat, and I can say that the people who came for the music at the Montauk Music Fest universally loved it.

Knowing that performers do not get paid MMF, I was a bit wary about doing it for 2011. I'd been through this in NYC at the CMJ fest, with varying results. If I had a whole band of musicians to pay I might not have played the fest, but after I did a bit of triangulation and research, I tipped in favor of performing as a solo artist.

As a bassist/singer/guitarist/recordist who's performed with many bands in and out of the area over the years, I've embarked on doing solo performances of late, slowly building a band around myself. With some upcoming solo releases in the works, I deemed it important that I get my name out there. Gig opportunities, along with some local radio appearances the week of the fest (thank you, WPPB-FM and WEHM-FM), along with organizers gracious hospitality, also figured in my decision.

One other BIG factor that swayed me: Back in December of 2010, fest organizer Ken trekked to Huntington to see me do a solo set at the New York Roots Music Association's "Holiday Hootenanny". I believe the subject of the music fest was broached at that time, and I remember being impressed that he made the schlepp all the way over there, essentially to invite me to the fest.

The MMF secures "out of town" bands hotel/motel accommodations for the duration of their gigs, which is nice, but that should not be equated with actual payment. It's a consideration, not compensation, balanced by the fact that local acts (such as me, for now at least) aren't saddled with sizable travel time, and fuel / transportation costs.

Thank you to the festival organizers.

You're Ken, Lawrence, along with your respective significant others, and, from the beginning, your small four-person team has built something from absolutely nothing, making it up as you go. You're working insane hours, unpaid, probably with fitful sleeps. The festival is tied in with the Montauk Sun Newspaper, but perhaps because of this, other local print media seem to shy away from covering the fest. (Radio jumps on it, though.) You need to make sure that, right out of the gate, it's a success, on people's radar to extent that they actually show up. 

At this point, you might come to the conclusion that, at least to start out, the festival would be a free-admission event, and you won't be able to pay performers. This is where the Montauk Music Fest is at the moment.

It's very important to stress here that the business model of not paying rank-and-rile performers at multi-club citywide "industry" festivals was established long ago at the CMJ (New York City) and South-by-Southwest (Austin, TX) music festivals, and if you've ever attended either event you'd agree that it has been proven to be quite a workable blueprint. Performers are stepping over each other to perform for free at these important events. That's the reality.

In an ideal world, The Montauk Music Festival would eventually be able to attract some national acts by getting sponsorship and underwriting, perhaps charging a modest admission price. The fest could sell three-day, two-day, one-day passes, with free outdoor shows on the town square. As many other festival organizers have done, they would evolve, learn, adjust, and invent.

But starting out a festival in these tight times is an unenviable, wait, let's just call it DOWNRIGHT CRAZY, undertaking, one that can, and often does, mean losing money initially.

So go easy on these guys. Thank them for putting this festival together from scratch. It's about a whole community, not just a community of performers, and most of all, it's about the fans. Without the fans, we are nothing, and connecting with the fans sometimes outweighs the importance of getting paid to perform.

I know that's a hard pill to swallow for some, but for the time being, it's the way things seem to be going.

To the recording studio, James.

For free MP3 downloads, show schedules, and release news, it's still:

Montauk NY Music Fest To Stay The Course for 2012

Ken Giustino of the Montauk Music Festival in a YouTube video, late April 2011.

(Montauk, NY) - Organizers of the Montauk Music Festival (MMF) will most likely decide to stay with the "free admission" and "unpaid performer" business model for next year's edition of the popular event, due to take place for a third consecutive year in May 2012 at many venues, clubs, and bars in the Village of Montauk, NY.

On the eve of the May 12-15 2011 version of the Montauk Music Fest (MMF) last week, much of the chatter amongst local performers and music fans centered around the thorny issue of non-payment for performers at the fest.

However, the existing arrangement between organizers and performers at the MMF echoes similar relationships at well known, larger multi-club/venue festivals such as South By Southwest (SXSW, Austin TX) and the CMJ Music Marathon (NYC), where rank-and-file performers are not paid for performances.

For music fans, the free-admission Montauk fest is a good deal; SXSW attendees can spend as much as $1,250 for a "platinum pass" covering all aspects of the Austin TX festival. For performers, The Montauk festival can be more welcoming, too: Non-local artists at the MMF are extended the courtesy of hotel rooms, something not even dreamed of in New York or Austin.

The ranks of artists willing to perform at the Montauk Fest continues to swell. Some speculate that for every performing artist choosing to pass on the Montauk Music Festival, dozens of others are willing to step in and perform for free. It's a giant battle of the bands, where the importance of connecting with fans new and old trumps the lack of payment.

It will almost certainly be up to individual bands and performers to figure out alternative ways to capitalize on 2012 MMF appearances, if they choose to participate.

SXSW Proves Austin is No Bolshevik Commune (Austin Statesman)
CMJ Marathon: Fame, Yes; Fortune, Not So Much (NY Times)
SXSWland Tales (Nick Cross Blog)

Free MP3 downloads, show schedules, info:


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

MH Acoustic Shows Spring Forth - May 2011

It's a trend... more acoustic shows featuring MH and his music.

Thurs 5/5 "Live in the Lobby" 7:30pm
Patchogue Theatre or the Performing Arts
71 East Main St. Patchogue, NY (631) 207-1313
$10 - includes first beverage, also features Gathering Time.
Mike Bifulco joins in on electric guitars.

Thur 5/12 Gurney's Inn 8pm
290 Old Montauk Highway Montauk, NY (631) 668-2345
FREE - Montauk Music fest kick-off also features Gene Casey, Joe Delia, many more.

Fri 5/13 Montauket 6pm
88 Firestone Road, Montauk NY (631) 668-5992
FREE - Montauk Music fest show - also features Joe Delia & The Thieves, Grand Folk Railroad. Mike Bifulco joins in on electric guitars.

Sat 5/7 7pm is the next episode of the Songtrails Radio Hour on WPKN 89.5 FM wpkn.org, the same evening Caroline Doctorow plays the New England Folk Music Archives Concert & Opening in Southhold, NY. The New York Roots Music Association's "It Came From Texas" show coming up on Sat 5/21 8pm, Plainview, NY.

The current FREE download of the Week "Found a Girl" is a Tonebenders recording of an MH song, a teaser track from my upcoming "Redemption Center II" CD.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Band Vans Retire, Get Pregnant

"Large Marge" (left), "The Tour Van" (right), "Stick" (foreground)
As you can imagine, gas-guzzlin' over-the-road band-van-behemoths have fallen out of favor with traveling musicians, the mini-van and it's ilk becoming evil necessities. Owners balance the soccer-mom-mobile's "lack of cool" against increased MPG figures and their effect upon the bottom line. Probably a good thing.

My Ford custom van on the right is ironically known as "the tour van". The van's 8 MPG fuel economy turns anything other than a short trip into an exercise in fiscal/ecological irresponsibility, and it was recently taken off the road to replace the valve cover gaskets. I've used it for gig transport, and with the Lantern Sound Mobile Recording Rig as a isolation room and/or control room. While being repaired, it's parked next to Nancy Atlas' Dodge van, AKA "Large Marge" (left), at an undisclosed location.

Anyway, everyone thought the trucks may have been sleeping together, because Marge has had a swollen fuel tank of late. Sure enough, after a recent checkup, mechanics said that in about 9 months, or 900 miles (whichever comes first) she's due to give birth to a litter of mini-vans.

Until then, Marge is on a strict diet of hi-test fuel and the most modern of synthetic lubricants, while the Ford "Tour Van" has a fridge stocked full of beer, with a poker game happening in the lounge every night.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lantern Sound Mobile Recording Rig Travels to Brooklyn, Bayshore NY


March, 2011 (Long Island, NY) - Butchers Blind were nearly finishing recording their new record (to be titled "Play For The Films") and were almost ready to mix the project in earnest. Two tracking sessions remained, and since they needed to be done "on location", my Lantern Sound mobile recording rig was pressed into service. Excitement.

The first job was to record a real grand piano track for the song "Fine Line". Sue Rassekh and the staff of the YMCA Boulton Center For The Performing Arts (Bay Shore NY) were super-gracious in permitting us to get into the theater to use their Steinway grand.

To get our "sound", we semi-close-miked the strings with a large diaphram condenser mic, stuck a ribbon mic underneath the soundboard, and then put a couple of small-diaphram condensers in a stereo X-Y pattern up near the top edge of the fully-opened lid. We even got a piano part recorded for another song on the new Butchers Blind release. The load in, recording, and load out of the theater was done in three hours. Success.

Piano, Pete, Recording Rig at the YMCA Boulton Center
Pete then wanted to have Jason Abraham Roberts (known to friends and fans as "JAR") guest on guitar for the same song. Scheduling was tight; JAR was due to leave for SXSW and didn't have any time get into Mike Nugent's studio out on Long Island (where the bulk of the project was being done), so we'd have to take the Lantern Sound mobile rig to JAR's place in Brooklyn the night before his departure.

JAR's amp mic'd up and ready to go.
JAR's mid 60's blackface Fender Princeton amp was placed on the wood floor of the bedroom. We close-mic'd the amp with a dynamic mic, mic'd the back of the amp with a large diaphram, and then put up a ribbon as a room mic. JAR's mid 60's Fender Jazzmaster was a nice choice for the track. Rejoicing.

Just as we were about to wrap up and leave, JAR mentioned that Peter Remm (they are both members of The Candles) was interested in putting down some Wurlitzer piano bits on "Fine Line". All present were game. We mic'd up both speakers on the piano, and took a direct feed. Peter came by and put down some very nice flourishes, tailor-made for the song. Elation.

Peter Renn at the Wurlitzer
Some Chinese take-out completed the scene and we were outta there. Accomplishment.

As soon as the Butchers Blind release "Fine Line", I'll put a link to it up here. Cheers - MH


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Raucous Rawk, Releases, Radio, Recording, Redemption Redux...

backstage at the bay street theatre - p.donnelly
march is thankfully heating up, with releases, radio, recording, recitals, and a redemption redux. speaking of which:

Found a Girl - from forthcoming "Redemption Center II" CD

If you can't see the embedded song player, click here.

Writer Mick sings lead and plays bass on this track, recorded by The Tonebenders (Doug Cox, guitars, vocals; Charlie Servello, drums) in Hoboken NJ sometime around 1989-1990."Redemption Center II" will feature more outtakes and unreleased material, and is due later in 2011. A new MH solo release for 2011 is also in the works. Mick Hargreaves @ Facebook

saturday march 26, 2011 - 8-10 PM
cynthia daniels "on the air" radio program

160 Main Street, Amagansett NY 11930

Mick will perform a solo set on acoustic guitar accompanied by Mike Bifulco on electric guitars, as Crossroads Music hosts the next installment of Cynthia Daniel's "On The Air" radio program. The show is recorded live at the store with an audience for later broadcast on WPBB FM 88.3 (Southampton NY). The performance is free and open to the public, with a suggested donation for the local food pantry. It's across the street from the Stephen Talkhouse. "On The Air" @ Facebook.

MH, Inda Eaton, Caroline Doctorow, Andrew Carillo at a recent "On The Air at Crossroads" performance.
7pm, 1st saturday every month
WPKN 89.5 FM Bridgeport
next show april 2
Archived January, February, and March 2011 shows are now available for on-demand listening / downloading at the Songtrails Blog and Podcast. If we (your hosts Caroline Doctorow and myself) have played your music on the show, we'd love to have you send us a radio ID. Everyone can help keep public radio alive by pledging to the station at WPKN.org. Songtrails Radio Hour @ Facebook.

Pete Mancini, Steinway, Rig; YMCA Boulton Ctr.
mobile recording rig does butchers blind, mh solo
Butchers Blind have been using the rig to put select finishing touches on their upcoming full-length effort, to be titled "Play for the Films". A grand piano for "Fine Line" and one other song were put down at the great YMCA BOULTON CENTER, with another session still scheduled elsewhere. Mick H. solo stuff includes a segment to be contributed to Chris Butler's make-the-world's-longest-pop-song-even-longer "Major Glitch" project; the editing and mixing of outtakes and rarities for the "Redemption Center II" collection; and sessions back at the secret hideout for the new MH solo release. Lantern Sound @ Facebook

Saturday March 19th 8pm Plainview NY
The first 2011 NYRMA show, Saturday March 19th in Plainview NY at American Legion Post 1812, will be an overview of NY Punk at CBGB. The NYRMA 2011 schedule has also been announced. NYMRA @ Facebook
Details, music downloads, and a full schedule of performances (solo, and with others): http://mickhargreaves.com


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