Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lantern Sound Mobile Recording Rig Travels to Brooklyn, Bayshore NY

March, 2011 (Long Island, NY) - Butchers Blind were nearly finishing recording their new record (to be titled "Play For The Films") and were almost ready to mix the project in earnest. Two tracking sessions remained, and since they needed to be done "on location", my Lantern Sound mobile recording rig was pressed into service. Excitement.

The first job was to record a real grand piano track for the song "Fine Line". Sue Rassekh and the staff of the YMCA Boulton Center For The Performing Arts (Bay Shore NY) were super-gracious in permitting us to get into the theater to use their Steinway grand.

To get our "sound", we semi-close-miked the strings with a large diaphram condenser mic, stuck a ribbon mic underneath the soundboard, and then put a couple of small-diaphram condensers in a stereo X-Y pattern up near the top edge of the fully-opened lid. We even got a piano part recorded for another song on the new Butchers Blind release. The load in, recording, and load out of the theater was done in three hours. Success.

Piano, Pete, Recording Rig at the YMCA Boulton Center
Pete then wanted to have Jason Abraham Roberts (known to friends and fans as "JAR") guest on guitar for the same song. Scheduling was tight; JAR was due to leave for SXSW and didn't have any time get into Mike Nugent's studio out on Long Island (where the bulk of the project was being done), so we'd have to take the Lantern Sound mobile rig to JAR's place in Brooklyn the night before his departure.

JAR's amp mic'd up and ready to go.
JAR's mid 60's blackface Fender Princeton amp was placed on the wood floor of the bedroom. We close-mic'd the amp with a dynamic mic, mic'd the back of the amp with a large diaphram, and then put up a ribbon as a room mic. JAR's mid 60's Fender Jazzmaster was a nice choice for the track. Rejoicing.

Just as we were about to wrap up and leave, JAR mentioned that Peter Remm (they are both members of The Candles) was interested in putting down some Wurlitzer piano bits on "Fine Line". All present were game. We mic'd up both speakers on the piano, and took a direct feed. Peter came by and put down some very nice flourishes, tailor-made for the song. Elation.

Peter Renn at the Wurlitzer
Some Chinese take-out completed the scene and we were outta there. Accomplishment.

As soon as the Butchers Blind release "Fine Line", I'll put a link to it up here. Cheers - MH


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