Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Music Video - Storyboard Detail

Because I'm healing from a serious head injury, performing, recording, even singing... is out of the question for now. No coffee or beer either. No internal variables. I think about a lot of things, from medical bills to the history of whaling to general life philosophy, to new song ideas, and I stay up quite late doing so. Asleep, I even dream more.

Tonight, it's truly hard to doze because of the approach of Hurricane Irene, and the preparations she necessitates. Vehicles, property, and boats might be saved, but you never know - they might not. People are helping me, and I'm helping people.

This week, I realized one bit of creativity can still happen while healing: Shooting footage for an upcoming music video. It's already begun, bolstered by the awesome eye of a very talented cinematographer. All will be revealed when the vid is complete. Here's a teaser doodle-sketch "storyboard" sketched at night, shot the following day.

Be safe out there. zzzzzzzzz MH


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