Wednesday, August 10, 2011

News Direct From Mick Hargreaves

Hello everyone; this is really Mick, typing for the first time since July 30th 2011, a night that featured a great gig with a horrible aftermath. I need to keep this brief, as I am still dealing with weakness, dizziness and brain-pain.

Yesterday was a momentous one; an engaging doctor/surgeon removed staples that had been attached to my skull in the trauma unit as soon as I was wheeled into hospital early the morning of Sunday July 31st. Apparently there was no time to waste that fateful night - without any painkillers or anesthesia, the skillful experts went right to work bringing two several-inch long slices in my head back together. It was nasty, but necessary, and they did an incredible job. With staples now removed, those wounds can proceed to heal further.

What remains now is a waiting game. A skull fracture is a tricky thing that will only heal with time. I am feeling better, bit by bit, day by day. I've begun to sleep longer than an hour or two at a time. I also feel very lucky to be blessed with such caring people. Everyone from family, friends, fellow musicians, fans, right down to complete strangers have truly stepped up and made a real difference in my life. It is already impossible to ever forget any of you.

Please keep in mind that for now, although they still appear on my itinerary, all performances are on hold, pending an improvement in health. We'll get there, a day at a time, and when I know, you will, too.

In the meantime, I want to start what will be a long, pleasant journey of thanks by offering everyone some free music. Simply go to figure out what you'd like to download, enter a price of "$0.00" and your email address, and you can have what you like. If that means every song there, so be it - I want you to have them. This is just the start of ways that I will be offering thanks.

In closing, I'd like to relate some eastern-tinged philosophy that was related to me by the very doctor who was in the midst of removing my skull-staples. He said something about how life is just a road, we never know what turns are involved, but we can still get somewhere nonetheless. He unwittingly hewed very close to a favourite George Harrison song of mine, so I will simply include a link to that song here.

George Harrison "Any Road"


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