Wednesday, August 10, 2011

News Direct From Mick Hargreaves

Hello everyone; this is really Mick, typing for the first time since July 30th 2011, a night that featured a great gig with a horrible aftermath. I need to keep this brief, as I am still dealing with weakness, dizziness and brain-pain.

Yesterday was a momentous one; an engaging doctor/surgeon removed staples that had been attached to my skull in the trauma unit as soon as I was wheeled into hospital early the morning of Sunday July 31st. Apparently there was no time to waste that fateful night - without any painkillers or anesthesia, the skillful experts went right to work bringing two several-inch long slices in my head back together. It was nasty, but necessary, and they did an incredible job. With staples now removed, those wounds can proceed to heal further.

What remains now is a waiting game. A skull fracture is a tricky thing that will only heal with time. I am feeling better, bit by bit, day by day. I've begun to sleep longer than an hour or two at a time. I also feel very lucky to be blessed with such caring people. Everyone from family, friends, fellow musicians, fans, right down to complete strangers have truly stepped up and made a real difference in my life. It is already impossible to ever forget any of you.

Please keep in mind that for now, although they still appear on my itinerary, all performances are on hold, pending an improvement in health. We'll get there, a day at a time, and when I know, you will, too.

In the meantime, I want to start what will be a long, pleasant journey of thanks by offering everyone some free music. Simply go to figure out what you'd like to download, enter a price of "$0.00" and your email address, and you can have what you like. If that means every song there, so be it - I want you to have them. This is just the start of ways that I will be offering thanks.

In closing, I'd like to relate some eastern-tinged philosophy that was related to me by the very doctor who was in the midst of removing my skull-staples. He said something about how life is just a road, we never know what turns are involved, but we can still get somewhere nonetheless. He unwittingly hewed very close to a favourite George Harrison song of mine, so I will simply include a link to that song here.

George Harrison "Any Road"


  1. Great to hear from you Mick, and the George Harrison song was a fitting end to your post (awesome song, love his solos). It has been humbling to me personally to see the outpouring of support for you. Makes me feel very much part of a community that I know you have made such an impact on. Rest up and get back to your old self, we all miss you and are excited to see you back on stage. You've been an inspiration to me, and countless others I am sure.

    All the Butchers Blind Best,

  2. Hi Mick, and glad you are on the mend!!! Your positve outlook increases endorphins and brings speedy keep it up. My apologies as I heard so late in the game as I deal with my own injuries. I was shocked that this had happened to you. Do not fear though, this person has it coming to him, one can not get away from such actions. God Bless You , your family, friends and strangers. Thanks for the songs.
    All the best, Barbara

  3. Life is a journey, tep by step, that is the truth, brother. Better days ahead, no doubt. Rest easy, get well and before you know it we'll be telling Tom to stop playing so down loud!

  4. happy healing, mick. glad to hear you're on the mend. i don't know if you're feeling all that lucky, but it seems to me you have a lot to be thankful for. keep smiling.

  5. Keep up the good work - you know I'm praying for you and I'm there for you when you need me.

    And BTW - don't forget the "Duty"!

  6. Your healing process is a road, too ... I'm confident you'll attack this crack in the road with all the confidence, positive outlook and determination that you always have in the past. You certainly have an enormous amount of people sending love and good vibes your way. I think about you every day and always picture you smiling and playing! Luv, Terry

  7. can't keep a good man down.
    Miss hearing you playing with Joe on the deck.

  8. Everyone loves a surviver... You've now become a member of an elite club... Now anything is possible.

  9. This makes my day. We love you, Mick.

  10. We are SO glad that you are on the mend. Every day is a gift and every breath is a miracle. Love and Music have tremendous healing powers, may each day bring you an abundance of both.

  11. All the boys in Southampton are pulling for ya Mick Tone! We want you back in the water and back on stage ASAP!

  12. Sending you good vibes! I am so glad you are getting better day by day!! Peace, love, health, and endless blessings . . .

  13. Count me in as one of your many friends pullin' for ya bro. I know that you'll be back on stage and back on your board sooner than expected.

  14. Hi Mick!! I just now heard about what happened... I'm SO very sorry, yet happy and relieved to hear you are are the mend!! Thinking about you big time and sending peace and healing vibes your way. I will be OM'ing for you!! And, looking forward to seeing you happy and healthy and on your feet in the not too distant future. It's been way too long!



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