Monday, August 22, 2011

Where We're At - Monday Aug 22, 2011

Progress continues. A third cat scan (head only) and subsequent doctor's visit last week confirmed that advances have been made, with more expected. More rest is planned for the remainder of August (in advance of another cat-scan), monitoring of some very important symptoms, along with some "normal" activity (walks, low-impact swimming, reading, some fiddling about on guitar, getting life organized once again) folded into the routine. There's also immense amounts of paperwork to do, but that's a boring story for another day.

Officially, I feel it would be prudent to now announce that any performances by yours truly won't resume until approximately the third week of September, at the earliest.

While I calmly and slowly navigate the "recuperation road" back to health, I send endless hugs to you incredibly thoughtful, compassionate, and supportive folks out there (many from some pleasantly surprising corners of the world), who, through even the smallest of gestures, have continued to make a huge difference. I'm a very lucky man - Bless you all.


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