Friday, September 16, 2011

CD Giveaway at 9/16, 9/18 Benefit Shows

Hi everyone.

I'm feeling great, anxious to put this entire bizarre life-chapter behind us all, but truly excited for this weekend's benefit shows (Stephen Talkhouse Fri 9/16 7pm, Greenlawn Moose Lodge 9/18 3pm). It's a great opportunity for me to thank as many people as possible in person for the incredible support that's come my way. Through your compassion alone, you guys have made it so much easier for me to deal with everything. Can't wait to see everyone.

The earliest of arrivals at the shows this weekend will be treated to a free "bootleg promo" copy of the "Redemption Center" CD, for the first time garnished with four secret bonus tracks. I don't know how many copies are going to be duplicated and available by showtime, but it's going to be quite a limited number.

After the shows, the four bonus tracks will be available only when the entire 16-song (12 plus 4 bonus tracks) Redemption Center CD is purchased in low or hi-quality electronic form at

If you're NYC-centric this weekend, head over to see THE HANGDOGS Reunion Show at The Rodeo Bar Friday 9/16 7-10 pm. They're calling that one the "Mick Hargreaves Cranium Repair Fund Benefit". And I approve. (They're also appearing at the Sunday Benefit). MH

Mick Hargreaves "Redemption Center" CD


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