Monday, September 12, 2011

Update, Mon Sept 12: Getting There.

I'm in the home stretch of the physical healing process. One of the hardest things that remains to do is to make sense of the really horrible thing that happened to me in the wee hours of Sunday July 31st 2011 after playing a great show. I've tried this enough to know it's impossible to do. By comparison, the approximately $50,000 in medical expenses (incurred over five days in hospital with subsequent outpatient cat-scans and doctor visits) are easy to think about; they're just inanimate numbers on billing statements, and gee, they didn't try to do me in. But there are shiny, bright pieces of good news beginning to pave the way towards getting back on the happy-horse, and returning to musical productivity:

Doctor's Report

Thursday, September 1st was a big, big day. That was when the neuro-surgeon stated there would be no more cat scans and no more visits to see him; I had accomplished an incredible amount of healing since the ambush, and I could start getting back to normal life. While being around loud music would be OK, there would be NO surfing just yet. I would still need to be resting and gaining back strength. I'll take miracles like this one.

With Gene's Case, backstage with the Lone Sharks at Wade's Beach Blast (Robin Paltis)
Test-Driving the Car

Jetty Koon, Joe Delia & The Thieves, The Lone Sharks and a nameless Bachelor Party Band all had me sit in at recent live shows in the past two weeks. It was great to let the horses out of the barn for a test-run, and I can say with confidence that vocals and bass/guitar playin' are all in order and feeling great. Another miracle.

Three Benefit Shows - Sept 16-18 2001

Musicians & Friends, led by some incredible people including Laura Perotti, Steve Prisco, Tom & Heidy Ryan, Randall Hudson III, Matthew Grimm, and Cynthia Daniels, have miraculously set up THREE different benefit shows to raise funds going towards my medical bills.

To fill in listeners on the benefit show info, there will be some radio this week. On WEHM 92.9 & 96.9FM, Inda Eaton appears Tues 9/13 7:20pm, Joe Delia and I appear Thurs 9/15 7:20pm, and Bonnie Grice will welcome Joe, Inda and myself to her morning show on WPPB 88.3FM Wed Sept 14 at 11am. More detailed info will be posted on Facebook.

Designed by Michael Versandi, Big Kahuna Creative

"East" show, Friday Sept 16th 7-10pm
Stephen Talkhouse
(Amagansett, NY)
(THANK YOU, Peter,  Nick, and everyone else at our fave east end music room). A vast array of performing talent, including James Benard, Chris Butler (of The Waitresses and of Tin Huey), Gene Casey & The Lone Sharks, Sarah Conway, Joe Delia and PJ Delia (of the Thieves), Caroline Doctorow & The Steamrollers, Inda Eaton, Randolph A. Hudson III, Tali "Icepack" Jackson , Jettykoon, Telly Karoussos, Anthony Liberatore, Michael Mazzaraco, Alfredo Merat, Walter Noller, Dalton Portella, Jim Turner, and Michael Weiskopf.!/event.php?eid=244877942212074

"West" Show, Sun Sept 18th 3-8pm
Moose Lodge 318
(Greenlawn, NY)
It's band night! The Hangdogs, Last Hombres, Butcher's Blind, Buddy Woodward and Brandy Hart (Dixie Bee-Liners), and the NYRMA All-Stars join forces for a rock-and-roll Sunday to be remembered. Please Note: It's been recently discovered that the Last Hombres' Paul Schmitz is Mick's second cousin. Various extended family members previously unfamiliar with each other will be on display for no extra charge.!/event.php?eid=233280386709939

Funny Poster of The Week

The Hangdogs, Friday Sept 16th 7-10pm
Rodeo Bar NYC

Yep, The Hangdogs have graciously taken it upon themselves to raise some extra samolians for the "Cranium Repair Fund" at the altar of Hangdog-dom, the Rodeo Bar. As always, they'll use music and beer to "chart the uneasy commerce between the personal, social and political realms that simultaneously spawns horrors and offers solutions".!/event.php?eid=141581645936307

Thanks, everyone... for caring, sharing, communicating, and loving.


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