Tuesday, December 20, 2011

"Crystal Ball" Music Vid

Mick Hargreaves "Crystal Ball" from Mick Hargreaves on Vimeo.

Early in the summer of 2011, Joe Delia was pretty far along writing this song, and asked me to contribute some lyrics to get it 100% done. The morning of Saturday, July 30th, we completed a piano and vocal demo of the song at his place in Montauk NY, USA. That very night, after the debut show of Mick Hargreaves & The King Guys at the Grey Horse, I was brutally attacked outside the club, which put me in hospital for five days and out of commission for almost two months. This performance is just me with guitar, recorded live at the secret hideout on December 16 2011, with the Lantern Sound Mobile Rig. Thanks to Chris Mehos for video gear loaner. 

It's good to be back.

Mick Hargreaves - December 17, 2011

Crystal Ball (Delia, Hargreaves)
© 2011 All Rights Reserved
(Slymoon Publishing BMI / Crazy World Ain't It Music BMI)


Friday, December 9, 2011

"Redemption Center II" Track Details

Redemption Center II is comin'...
No Release Date Yet
While organizing my musical archives in early 2011, I found some recordings never finished, others never released, and other deep, unheard rarities; enough songs to justify release of "Redemption Center II". Straight-forward pure-pop rocker songs dominate, blending in some mild psychedelia, crunch-rock, and even an anti-ballad. Initial release will be digital-only, with limited promo editions for radio, press, etc.

In the past couple weeks, rippers like Anthony Liberatore (M.U.R.M.U.R., Complete Unknowns), King Guy Mike Bifulco, and Pete Mancini (Butcher's Blind) have graced the Lantern Sound Mobile Rig with their kickin' guitar parts recorded for the release, with a couple more due in. Then mixing will commence.

Track Details
Six tracks were mined from the analog reel-to-reel tape archives, completed digitally late 2011 with the Lantern Sound mobile recording rig: Compromise, Hometown, I Don't Know Why, Anna All Along, Real Fine Beauty, Hey Hey. Three MH-penned Tonebenders (NYC) demo/rehearsal takes survived a flood and a band breakup: Let Me Be, Days of Lost Love, Found a Girl. Three additional bonus tracks will be included when "Redemption Center II" is purchased digitally, in it's entirety.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

MH Shows @ Turning Point 12/17, Grey Horse Tavern 12/30 Close Out 2011

Finishing out the "Worst and Best Year Ever" with two nice MH shows:

Sat Dec 17th - 9pm - $20
Joe Delia and Thieves CD Release
Mick Hargreaves - Solo Acoustic
Turning Point Cafe (Piermont NY)


A Thieves CD release party can't be anything but great, especially at this venue. As an honorary member of the Thieves "extended family" I'll be in good company, made doubly exciting by their new disc, which features the band's usual cast of characters plus guest appearances by folks like Max Weinberg, Tony Garnier, and Nancy Atlas. I'll do an acoustic set of old and new material to open the night, with unexpected things surely to follow.

photo: Falsalama.com
Facebook Invite Page
Friday December 30, 2011 - 9pm
"Getting Back on The Horse"
Mick Hargreaves and The King Guys
Jeff McLary and The Heavy Duty Haulers
Matthew Grimm (The Hangdogs)
Grey Horse Tavern - Bayport NY


Peace, Love, Grey Horse: Leave New Year's Eve to the amateurs… Join The King Guys and I on "Professionals Night", Friday 12/30/11, as we finally rattle back to life with a return to the incredible Grey Horse Tavern. The raucous entertainment will include a set by Jeff McLary and The Heavy Duty Haulers, musicians Mike Bifulco, Gary Dawson, Don Mangels, an opening set by Matthew Grimm (The Hangdogs), and who knows what surprise appearances. It's 12/30, so you won't feel obligated to kiss a drunk, strange person next to you at midnight, although you'll still be allowed, and perhaps even encouraged to do exactly that.


FRI 12/09 Joe Delia and Thieves CD Release
Stephen Talkhouse (Amagansett, NY);
SAT 12/10 Caroline Doctorow and The Steamrollers
Buckley's (Valley Stream NY);
SAT 12/17 3pm Matinee Show / THU 12/22 10pm Evening Show:
Religiously boozed-up holiday hayride (FREE), Rodeo Bar NYC;
SUN 12/18 - Annual Hoboken Holiday Party
Maxwell's (Hoboken NJ)
Benefitting the city's public film series will feature the usual (and unusual) cast of characters, many of which I will truly need to catch up with. Among many others, Matthew Grimm to perform.

Full details on all shows here.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"Major Glitch" Segment, Film Completed

Still image from the promo film. Camera: Hayley Gordon
My contribution-segment to Chris Butler's "Major Glitch" is finished and mastered, and there's also a "promo film" completed to go along with the music. Addition/release dates for both will most likely be announced with very little advance notice - it'll just happen... Wait for it. My over-arching goal: Get others to contribute segments, too, and push the lyrical mantra of "Sometimes you can fix something by.... " further into the collective Lexicon ("Collexicon"?).

Chris (The Waitresses, Tin Huey, Legendary Wild Ensemble, Purple Knif) first released the "Devil's Glitch" in 1996, a nearly 70-minute song that was subsequently certified "Longest Recorded Pop Song" by the Guinness Book Of World Records. Since then, the larger "Major Glitch" has grown to nearly three hours in length, and has received many segment contributions from the likes of Freedy Johnson, Kramer, The Cucumbers, Ralph Carney, Gary Pig Gold and "Manny Moore". 

Performing with Chris over the years has been a joy, he's given me a valuable songwriting tip here and there, and even he schlepped out to eastern LI to perform at a benefit for me on 9/16/11, so it's only right for me to give back, via "The Glitch". I'm gently beating the bushes in my small corner of the world to continue doing so. Backwoods planetary bluesman Jim Turner has just recorded a segment using the Lantern Sound Mobile Rig, while the Butchers Blind guys have indicated a desire to do a segment in early 2012. We're just trying to fix something... by making it longer. You can help make the "Major Glitch" even longer by contributing your segment. Get info at: http://www.majorglitch.net

MANY THANKS to D C Deforest, Lisa Renaud, Carrie Ann Silvi, Chris Mehos, Tom Ryan, Sally Stryker, Scott Anthony, Hayley Gordon, and of course Chris Butler, for helping make the recording and film happen. Y'all are awesome!

The Guinness Book of World Records "Longest Recorded Pop Song"

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tip O' The Hat: The Photographers

Photographers do more than just document a happening. They interpret, tell a story, inspire other creative types, and sometimes just plain make us say, "Wow". I've been lucky to cross paths and stay in touch with some great ones right in our own backyard here, and I'm sure more will be added to this list, probably soon...

Robert D. Comes is the resident lensman at the Stephen Talkhouse and has taken photos of just about everyone who's performed there, but he also does a lot of great nature photography. I've known Robert for quite a while, and his images are great every time out. It's always nice to see him at the store for morning coffee. http://www.stephentalkhouse.com/photoGallery.asp

photo: Robert D. Comes
Ken Farrell is at almost every New York Roots Music Association (and Saturday Night Social Club) event, and his style is unique. I particularly like his portrait and slow shutter speed/motion blur work. http://www.facebook.com/#!/justkids25

Photo: Ken Farrell

While she was an official photographer at the 9/16/11 Stephen Talkhouse benefit, Kristina Gale does so much more than shoot live music. She says "I especially enjoy portrait work, blurring the line between fine art and portraiture, creating something deeper." Her gallery certainly bears this out: http://kristinagale.redbubble.com/

photo: Kristina Gale
I first encountered Daniel Gonzalez at a Sag Harbor "barge party", and most recently saw him in Zuccotti Park, NYC. There's been a lot of top-notch work in between, to say the least. http://gonzophotostudio.com

photo: Daniel Gonzalez
Liz Malone's images often look like they were plucked right from a 50-year-old treasure-box of slides that you found at the thrift store. (Indeed, she's actually found some great images this way, too.). She's retro without being corny, which isn't always easy to do. http://www.photographynerd.com/

photo: Liz Malone
Jim Marchese is also a regular photog at NYRMA events, but his lens has also taken him around the world, often with some of the musical greats. He always delivers lots of great images. http://jimmarchese.com/

photo: Jim Marchese
If you ever sang or performed at a NYRMA gig or an Elvis Show, chances are good that Tom Pfeifer took a photo of you. Tom's photos are amazing and he's selected some of his best shots and put them up on line where you can buy prints or merch, with proceeds actually directed towards my medical expenses. I'm happy to say that soon, this might might not be necessary. More on this ASAP. Thanks, Tom! http://www.naturalvisionsimaging.com/

photo: Tom Pfeifer


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