Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"Major Glitch" Segment, Film Completed

Still image from the promo film. Camera: Hayley Gordon
My contribution-segment to Chris Butler's "Major Glitch" is finished and mastered, and there's also a "promo film" completed to go along with the music. Addition/release dates for both will most likely be announced with very little advance notice - it'll just happen... Wait for it. My over-arching goal: Get others to contribute segments, too, and push the lyrical mantra of "Sometimes you can fix something by.... " further into the collective Lexicon ("Collexicon"?).

Chris (The Waitresses, Tin Huey, Legendary Wild Ensemble, Purple Knif) first released the "Devil's Glitch" in 1996, a nearly 70-minute song that was subsequently certified "Longest Recorded Pop Song" by the Guinness Book Of World Records. Since then, the larger "Major Glitch" has grown to nearly three hours in length, and has received many segment contributions from the likes of Freedy Johnson, Kramer, The Cucumbers, Ralph Carney, Gary Pig Gold and "Manny Moore". 

Performing with Chris over the years has been a joy, he's given me a valuable songwriting tip here and there, and even he schlepped out to eastern LI to perform at a benefit for me on 9/16/11, so it's only right for me to give back, via "The Glitch". I'm gently beating the bushes in my small corner of the world to continue doing so. Backwoods planetary bluesman Jim Turner has just recorded a segment using the Lantern Sound Mobile Rig, while the Butchers Blind guys have indicated a desire to do a segment in early 2012. We're just trying to fix something... by making it longer. You can help make the "Major Glitch" even longer by contributing your segment. Get info at:

MANY THANKS to D C Deforest, Lisa Renaud, Carrie Ann Silvi, Chris Mehos, Tom Ryan, Sally Stryker, Scott Anthony, Hayley Gordon, and of course Chris Butler, for helping make the recording and film happen. Y'all are awesome!

The Guinness Book of World Records "Longest Recorded Pop Song"


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