Friday, December 9, 2011

"Redemption Center II" Track Details

Redemption Center II is comin'...
No Release Date Yet
While organizing my musical archives in early 2011, I found some recordings never finished, others never released, and other deep, unheard rarities; enough songs to justify release of "Redemption Center II". Straight-forward pure-pop rocker songs dominate, blending in some mild psychedelia, crunch-rock, and even an anti-ballad. Initial release will be digital-only, with limited promo editions for radio, press, etc.

In the past couple weeks, rippers like Anthony Liberatore (M.U.R.M.U.R., Complete Unknowns), King Guy Mike Bifulco, and Pete Mancini (Butcher's Blind) have graced the Lantern Sound Mobile Rig with their kickin' guitar parts recorded for the release, with a couple more due in. Then mixing will commence.

Track Details
Six tracks were mined from the analog reel-to-reel tape archives, completed digitally late 2011 with the Lantern Sound mobile recording rig: Compromise, Hometown, I Don't Know Why, Anna All Along, Real Fine Beauty, Hey Hey. Three MH-penned Tonebenders (NYC) demo/rehearsal takes survived a flood and a band breakup: Let Me Be, Days of Lost Love, Found a Girl. Three additional bonus tracks will be included when "Redemption Center II" is purchased digitally, in it's entirety.


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