Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tip O' The Hat: The Photographers

Photographers do more than just document a happening. They interpret, tell a story, inspire other creative types, and sometimes just plain make us say, "Wow". I've been lucky to cross paths and stay in touch with some great ones right in our own backyard here, and I'm sure more will be added to this list, probably soon...

Robert D. Comes is the resident lensman at the Stephen Talkhouse and has taken photos of just about everyone who's performed there, but he also does a lot of great nature photography. I've known Robert for quite a while, and his images are great every time out. It's always nice to see him at the store for morning coffee. http://www.stephentalkhouse.com/photoGallery.asp

photo: Robert D. Comes
Ken Farrell is at almost every New York Roots Music Association (and Saturday Night Social Club) event, and his style is unique. I particularly like his portrait and slow shutter speed/motion blur work. http://www.facebook.com/#!/justkids25

Photo: Ken Farrell

While she was an official photographer at the 9/16/11 Stephen Talkhouse benefit, Kristina Gale does so much more than shoot live music. She says "I especially enjoy portrait work, blurring the line between fine art and portraiture, creating something deeper." Her gallery certainly bears this out: http://kristinagale.redbubble.com/

photo: Kristina Gale
I first encountered Daniel Gonzalez at a Sag Harbor "barge party", and most recently saw him in Zuccotti Park, NYC. There's been a lot of top-notch work in between, to say the least. http://gonzophotostudio.com

photo: Daniel Gonzalez
Liz Malone's images often look like they were plucked right from a 50-year-old treasure-box of slides that you found at the thrift store. (Indeed, she's actually found some great images this way, too.). She's retro without being corny, which isn't always easy to do. http://www.photographynerd.com/

photo: Liz Malone
Jim Marchese is also a regular photog at NYRMA events, but his lens has also taken him around the world, often with some of the musical greats. He always delivers lots of great images. http://jimmarchese.com/

photo: Jim Marchese
If you ever sang or performed at a NYRMA gig or an Elvis Show, chances are good that Tom Pfeifer took a photo of you. Tom's photos are amazing and he's selected some of his best shots and put them up on line where you can buy prints or merch, with proceeds actually directed towards my medical expenses. I'm happy to say that soon, this might might not be necessary. More on this ASAP. Thanks, Tom! http://www.naturalvisionsimaging.com/

photo: Tom Pfeifer


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