Monday, January 23, 2012

Tequila Jazz Bass gets Sexy: "Extra Life" DR Black Beauties

An update on stringing the basses. I had some round-wounds on the Fender Midnight Wine Tequila Jazz bass, which reminded me why I don't like round-wound bass strings. They eventually snap, wear out, and they sound... too bright. It's called a "bass", not a "treble".

Anyway, the update to the last bass/bass string post is this: I put a set of DR "Extra Life" Black Beauties on the Tequila Jazz Bass, and I'm liking them so far. I may actually have this bass onstage as a backup behind my Lakeland "Duck" Dunn bass at The Elvis Show 2012 (YMCA Boulton Center, Bayshore NY, SOLD OUT).

The Black Beauties are certainly brighter than conventional black tape-wounds, and not as smooth to the touch. Like I've said before, if I'm gonna have a brighter / less smooth string set on a bass, it may as well be on one with a Jazz pickup configuration. If I get to liking these, I may put a set on the Fender Jaguar Bass...


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