Friday, March 30, 2012

Meet The King Guys: Jeff McLary

Drummer Jeff McLary is a songwriter/singer who fronts his own band, Jeff McLary & The Heavy Huty Haulers. As part of Mick Hargreaves & The King Guys he's the secret weapon: A singing drummer who drives a fairly-bitchin' '51 Pontiac (American Automobile). He's also got a hot wood pellet stove he'd like to tell you about.

Name some things you like.
Food, beer, coffee, vintage American cars.

Now identify the exact opposites of those things.
Starvation, thirst, nondescript mostly-plastic pieces of crap all painted silver that populate our roads nowadays.

What's so great about this music thing? I don't get it.
Strap on a guitar, get behind a microphone and suddenly people find you interesting. Kinda wish I'd discovered this earlier in life.

What was your favorite TV show when you were a little kid?
The Rifleman! When I watched that show I'd bounce up and down on my rocking horse wearing nothing but a small felt cowboy hat and plastic chaps while waving my pistol in the air shouting "Shuck Connors! Shuck Connors!" Funny how some things never change.

Hey, where'd ya get that?
Probably my old man.

Please detail your most embarrassing memory involving an animal.
I thought we weren't allowed to mention [Name withheld to protect person named].

Please theorize on why manhole covers are round.
I'm still researching this idea, but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with a road in the Hamptons named Daniel's Hole.

What's the favorite "can't do without" instrument you own, and... wanna sell it?
Gibson re-issue 1962 Western accoustic guitar. I'm not allowed to sell it.

Symmetry: Overrated, or Underrated?
Overrated Symmetry Underrated.

Are you gonna finish that?
Sigh.......I really should.

If you were a car, what kind of salad dressing would you choose?
10-W40 and vinegar

Can you describe an atom?
In a box or with a fox? On a train? In the rain?

There's no keyboard player in Mick Hargreaves & The King Guys. Why?

There's no horn section, either. Why?

Favorite beer?
The 1st one. 

Worst beer?
One too many

How good are you at faking sincerity?
Apparently pretty good, since you're still talking to me.

Should it be illegal to play harmonica while driving?
I once played a tree while attending elementary school. Should that have been illegal?


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