Monday, April 2, 2012

SETLIST: Stephen Talkhouse 3/30/12

Mick Hargreaves & The King Guys
Mick Hargreaves - Lead Vocals, Guitars
Mike Bifulco - Guitars
Gary Dawson - Guitars, Vocals
Don Mangels - Bass
Jeff McLary - Drums, Vocals
Jen Pawliczak - Vocals
with Brandi Hart & Chris Mehos, vocals

Hard To Get (Hargreaves)
Stuck in the Stable Blues (Hargreaves)
Can't Keep Track of You Blues (Hargreaves)
Always Come (Hargreaves)
Queen of Hearts (Hargreaves)
Headin' For The Coast (Hargreaves)
Your Cheatin' Heart (Williams)
Lost Highway (Atlas)
Bridget (Anderson)
Hangdog Hotel Room (Lightfoot)
Twirl (Friedman)
Baby What You Wanna Do (Reed)
Alcohol of Fame (TK)
Willin' (George)
I Hear You Knockin' (Bartholomew/King )
I Only Have Eyes For You (Warren/Dubin)

Never Take The Place Of Your Man (Prince)
Major Glitch (Butler, Hargreaves)
Dallas (Gilmore)
Other People's Houses (Baier)
My Bucket's Got a Hole in It (Williams)
Love In Vain (Johnson)
Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down (Haggard)
San Antone (Martin, Kirby)
It's All Over Now (B. & S. Womack)
Bang a Gong (Bolan)
Suzy Q (Lewis)
Crystal Ball (Delia, Hargreaves)
Don't Bogart (E. Ingber, L. Wagner)

Liberty Tree (Tovey)


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