Friday, June 29, 2012

Musician's "To Do" List for June 29, 2012

  1. Fill out, return performance contracts
  2. Make setlists for Rodeo Bar, GSB Fest
  3. Run over setlists (figuratively, not with Jeep)
  4. Test out changes/enhancements in guitar rig
  5. Black paint touch-up, 1x15 custom cabinet
  6. Change strings on Guild Acoustic
  7. More booking calls/emails, Sept/Oct/Nov 2012
  8. More mixing for Redemption Center II
  9. Coordinate parking/backstage passes for 7/13
  10. Contact Skip English about Mambo #9
  11. Prep lesson plans for Sat morning at Crossroads Music
  12. Coordinate travel plans for tomorrow's NYC show
  13. Bass, guitar overdubs for (project names withheld)
  14. Contact booker for 7/7 details
Just in case you thought we were goofing off over here, we figured we'd give you some insight into "what it's like". And this is just one day's worth of stuff. Fee free to add more.

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