Wednesday, October 24, 2012

LSRR Sub-Kick Test a Success...

A peek behind the curtain into how we do things...
At Lantern Sound Recording Rig HQ just now, the new sub-kick transducer (essentially a dynamic microphone) passed the first test with flying colors. With the sub-kick placed about a foot away, an empty lite blue Samsonite suitcase hit on the opposite side with a closed fist generated these waveforms. The transducer was plugged straight into the FA-101 interface mic pre, with gain very low. Top track has -20dB pad engaged, while bottom track has no pad. This thing has a lot of gain, and a very low-ended sound, of course, which is what we're going for. It's designed to add super low end alongside a conventional kick drum microphone setup.

Later this week, we'll get this thing in front of a real kick drum and see what it does. We'll simultaneously record the same kick with an EV RE320, and post some mixed sound files over at the Sound Cloud. MH

The LSRR Sub Kick Transducer is a 12" driver in a 12" wood drum shell.
Track 1 : -20dB pad engaged / Track 2 : -20dB pad disengaged


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