Monday, October 29, 2012

Recording During a Hurricane

A few days ago, we did a line-check recording test with the new sub-kick transducer we recently built, and it went well. We were very anxious to do a real-world kick drum test with this thing, and what better time than right now, on a day when a record-setting storm (Sandy) pproaches...

We'll make this blog post quick, before the power goes out:

1. For reference, channel one of the digital I/O accepted the input from an EV RE320, pointed at the sound hole in the front kick drum head.

2. Channel two of the digital I/O accepted the input from the sub-kick, placed about a foot from the front of the kick drum. The sub kick's -20 dB pad was engaged.

Happily, all has gone well. Track one has attack and clarity we want from a kick drum sound (we'd have spent more time with stuffing the kick drum and precision-placing this mic properly, but there was a hurricane coming), and track two has plenty of low-end WHOMP. Just a quick test, and we're lucky it even happened at all today, what with all the power going out everywhere.

On the audio clip of this recording, with RE320 is panned all the way left, and the sub-kick transducer is panned all the way right. Mick Hargreaves

RE320 mic close to kick, Sub Kick is one foot from front head

Top track: RE320; Bottom Track: Sub Kick


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