Monday, December 17, 2012

To Fade Away So Young... With So Much Left Undone...

Up for air now after shows, studio stuff...
And I'm finally looking at the television this Monday morning.


A long time ago, I heard a friend say "Nothing will change until there are dead babies in the streets."

We've had warning signs for a long time, and actual horror shows for just as long. That time has now come - we finally have my friend's prediction right at our feet.

It's easy to relentlessly badger your elected officials. Email them, call them, post on their FB pages: Pick a component to complain about... Gratuitously violent video games & entertainment; under-funded mental health care; and most obviously, the proliferation and sale (to anyone with a pulse, in some states - you know who you are) of military-grade assault weapons. Or give them the trifecta of all three.

Two of my students came to my show Saturday night. I caught a glimpse of them from the stage as we were about to go on. I immediately wondered how I would feel if the the worst had ever happened to any of my students, and couldn't imagine it. Then I tried to imagine how I would feel as a parent, and the degree of my total inability to do so... pinned the meters. My mouth dropped, I choked up a bit, but then the band circled up, did our show, and I looked straight at those two students most of my time on stage. They made my night, really.

Whatever you do, do it for the babies. But make sure you let your elected officials know how you feel.

I have no doubt that the vast majority of NRA members are responsible, safety-minded hunters and target shooters. For you guys, the time has never been better to change your organization from within. Get rid of the military-grade weaponry. Only people assaulting people en masse need these things.

And do it for the babies.

Monday, December 10, 2012

MEET THE KING GUYS: Sister Jennifer Hargreaves-Pawliczak

Jennifer Hargreaves-Pawliczak, singer with The King Guys
It can't be denied; there's something about sibling vocal harmonies that just plain sound good, and my sister Jen nails 'em here at Mick Hargreaves and The King Guys. I don't even have to look at her onstage; the parts are always there, and rock-solid. Come say hello when the band has our year-end "company party", open to the public at the Stephen Talkhouse (Amagansett, NY) 8pm Saturday December 15th, 2013. Gene Casey & The Lone Sharks take the stage at 10pm.

We posed some questions for Jen earlier in 2012:

Name some things you like.
My kids, the peeper frogs at my house in spring and diminishing the number of things on my mental to do list.

Now identify the exact opposites of those things.
Other peoples kids, the traffic noise outside my office when you open the window on a spring day and swimming in my mental to do list.

What's so great about this music thing? I don't get it.
It's extremely liberating.

If you could eat one person from the Civil War who would you eat?
Ummmm, Grant had a lot of meat on him...but don't think i could eat a Union man.

Would you rather: Have a car that flies but can only run on apple cores OR Be able to produce cooked frogs legs whenever you want to, up to 20 times per day?
Flying Car, I like apples.

Hey, where'd ya get that?
Salvation Armani.

Please detail your most embarrassing memory involving an animal.
Got nothing here.

Would you rather: eBay your groceries for a year OR Have tiny light-sabers for fingernails?
Ebay groceries - that walk from the driveway to my house carrying the groceries for the last 8 years has been killing me.

Please theorize on why manhole covers are round.
No sharp corners.

What's the favorite "can't do without" instrument you own, and... wanna sell it?
Voice / No.

How many gas stations would you say there are in the United States, and how have we become so good at striking oil wherever one is built?

Tons.....should have bought one early on and franchised.

Symmetry: Overrated, or Underrated?
I like it in quilts and hemlines.

Are you gonna finish that?
Always.  Lifetime achievement award in the Mickey Mouse clean plate club.

If you were a car, what kind of salad dressing would you choose?
I'm an Alfa Romeo.....creamy Italian.

Can you describe an atom?
Complex and explosive.

There's no keyboard player in Mick Hargreaves & The King Guys. Why?
Hmmmmm, i hadn't noticed.

Favorite beer?
Cold on my patio, twilight with friends, grill going.

Worst beer?
The one you try to have the day after you had too many.

How good are you at faking sincerity?
Depends how well i know the person asking the question.

Should it be illegal to play harmonica while driving?
Only while wearing your head gear - the original hands free device!

Next up: Platooned drummers Chris Mehos and Tom Ryan.

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