Monday, May 20, 2013

Musicians Who Deliver Pizza, Episode 3: JODY GAMBINO

EPISODE THREE: Jody Gambino plays guitar, sings, and more... with the experimental combo 40 Foot Saints. He's been in at the Lantern Sound Recording Rig recently recording two songs, and we're confident these tracks are going to surprise folks
. Jody also keeps it real by delivering pizza.

MH: What's the fave guitar in your arsenal right now?

The 80s Japanese Strat, black on white, I picked up from a friend with pizza money.

MH: What's your amp rig?
The Roland Bolt 60 with “RYE COALITION” and “PIEBALD” graffiti on the side. And a Boss “Blues Driver” pedal if Steve lets me borrow it again…

MH: As a musician who doesn't deliver pizza (yet), what am I missing out on?
Meandering down countless windy driveways, gates and latches, a lot of barking dogs. 

MH: What's your hoopty-ride pizza delivery vehicle?
Currently a mom-mobile, 2007 Mercury Mariner but soon to be my car, a 1985 Mercedes Benz Diesel SD (turbo diesel)…although the mom-mobile does have better speakers.

MH: Weirdest pizza delivery story?
Delivering to this artsy lady who could be blind for all I know. But she’s a terrific painter and always makes me put the pizza in very specific spots.

MH: Funniest?
The funniest is delivering to Dads with 4-5 little girls running around, probably on a play date, just trying to get through the day and feed these little maniacs. 

MH: Scariest? 
Nothing is scary about where I deliver pizza.

MH: Saddest?
The saddest are the people who order way more food than necessary.

MH: Worst/best customers?
Our best customers are usually the most mysterious. Middle-aged [edited] women are usually the best tippers though. The worst people to deliver to are drunk people.

MH: Ever get asked to bring pizza to rehearsal?
Yes people have asked to grab pizza for them, but usually there is such an abundance I like to surprise people with bountiful amounts. I always have pizza near or around me. Some may call it a problem, but for me it’s a lifestyle.

MH: Anyone allowed to ride shotgun on the pizza delivery route?
I was under the impression people could ride shotgun with you…and have encouraged my girlfriend to many times. But apparently you’re not allowed to it “slows down the driver” too much. But on occasion I’m known to have some passengers. Mick you can come anytime!

MH: What happens if you get pulled over by the cops while delivering pizza? Does a slice count as a bribe?
 I’ve always wondered what would happen if the cops pulled me over while delivering. One time while reversing down a one-way street a cop pulled next to me looking confused. I simply yelled out the window “I’m delivering Pizza!” she just nodded and let me go. A slice does NOT count as a bribe.

MH: Do you deliver beer?
Do I ever.

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