Thursday, June 13, 2013

EGG SANDY REVIEW #2: Marty's Deli / Old Stone Market, Amagansett, NY USA

Marty's Deli / Old Stone Market
Old Stone Highway and Neck Path, Amagansett

The Old Stone Market, or, "Marty's" as some still call it, is already legendary, and not just to those the Lantern Sound Recording Rig has worked with on location in the area to date. 

Benchmark Order:
Two eggs scrambled, ham, cheddar cheese on a roll, with a large coffee. Salt and pepper only, no ketchup. Ketchup mistakenly applied and/or wrong cheese will be an automatic fail.

Looks like it says "Marty's".
Get in my belly.

 Kaiser Roll. Light, fluffy, very fresh. Airy.

Eggs: Country-scrambled but not runny. Folded interestingly, yielding thicker sandwich.

Cheese: Cheddar. Yes.

Ham: Two slices, also folded thick.

Plusses: Zimbabwe Roast underneath good coffee cup lids, plenty of self-serve cutlery and napkins. WEHM on the radio box. "Country" ambiance. All regional newspapers available.

Minusses: "Raw" sugar no longer available; a troubling regional trend that is spreading to many delicatessens.

Price, including large coffee: $6.30

Verdict: Yum. Nine out of ten footballs kicked through two oak trees used as make-believe goalposts over on Turkey Hill.

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