Thursday, June 6, 2013

Musicians Who Deliver(ed) Pizza, Episode 4: Pete Mancini (Butchers Blind)

Pete Mancini, songwriter, singer and guitarist with Bellrose/Floral Park rockers Butchers Blind, and my touring partner in April 2013, used to deliver pizza.

MH: What's the fave guitar in your arsenal right now?

PM: My favorite guitar is my trusty MIM Tele. P-90 in the neck with a 4 way switch. Bought it used at Guitar Center for 250.

MH: What's your amp rig?
PM: Peavey Classic 30. Also bought it used at Guitar Center for about 250.

MH: As a musician who doesn't deliver pizza (yet), what am I missing out on?
PM: You're missing out on some good driving around time, listening to records, meeting people. I wrote some good songs while delivering pizza/making boxes.

MH: What was your hoopty-ride pizza delivery vehicle?
PM: My old 90's jetta, which has since been donated to WFUV. The list of problems this car had was endless. Her name was Clarabelle, and i miss her.

MH: Weirdest pizza delivery story?
PM: Every delivery is weird in its own way, but the weirdest deliveries were to the Creedmoor psychiatric center. I'm sure you can imagine how those went.

MH: Funniest?
PM: Italians don't joke around when it comes to pizza. That being said, the funniest deliveries were to the Creedmoor psychiatric center. I'm sure you can imagine how those went.

MH: Scariest? 
PM: Some scary biker dude yelled at me and subsequently stiffed me. Total asshole, I don't even remember if i did anything wrong. I'm starting to hate biker dudes. All they did was buy a motorcycle. Doesn't mean you're better than anyone else.

MH: Saddest?
PM: I delivered pizza to an apartment in glen oaks. I saw a young woman sitting on the stoop visibly drunk and in tears. The same young woman placed an order later on in the day, and when she answered the door, she was even more drunk. She dropped the pizza, and I just remember feeling really bad for her.

MH: Worst/best customers?
PM: The worst customers are old people, hands down.They tip like its the 1940's and it sucks. Also, the Bellerose Fire Department stiffed me on a $100+ dollar order. Shame on them.

MH: Did you ever get asked to bring pizza to rehearsal?
PM: I've never been asked to bring pizza to rehearsal, but I totally would. Pizza makes rehearsal better.

MH: Was anyone allowed to ride shotgun on the pizza delivery route?
PM: Not officially.

MH: What happened if you get pulled over by the cops while delivering pizza? Does a slice count as a bribe?
PM: I was never pulled over by the cops while delivering. I would have just told them where I worked, and it would have been fine. Using pizza as a bribe is unacceptable.

MH: Did you deliver beer?
PM: I wish.

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