Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Some Overdue Thanks From The Lantern Sound Recording Rig

It was Paul Ciancaruso (Butchers Blind) who had a keen eye and grabbed this thing at a yard-sale/flea market - then he dumped it on us here the Lantern Sound Recording Rig.

Turns out, surprise, long story longer... not only does it record to tape (mono) surprisingly well, but... bonus, it really works well as a dirty nasty 12AX7 guitar amp - yeah, there's tubes and two 4" speakers in this thing. Plug in a guitar, flip the switch to "PA", and you're rippin though it. In particular, the signature Telecaster sounds nice through thing. So, another nice tone in the quiver of arrows.

By the way, the new Butchers Blind CD "Destination Blues" had all the basic tracks done with the LSRR, co-produced by Bill Herman and Mick Hargreaves.

Anyway, the LSRR, and life in general actually, have come a long way in the last couple-two-t'ree years, and there's some people that need to be formally thanked for their assistance, loaners, borrows, advice, gear-hookups, and hospitality. Because of these people (in no particular order), we've been able to do "the creative process" our own special way:

Chris Mehos
Steve Prisco
Buddy Woodward
Brandi Hart
The Dixie Bee-Liners
Don Mangels
Paul Ciancaruso
Randall Hudson III
KEL Microphones
D'Addario Strings
Andrew Carillo
Rich Arfin
Michael Clark
Crossroads Music

Dave Fox
Fox Rox Pedals
Gary Oleyar &
Sonoma Beach Studio 
Dave Wise

More to come...


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