Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What Bryan Gallo Said

Since October 1st 2014, the Lantern Sound Recording Rig has been in residence at a place we call "The Farm". Installation of the rig is complete, and we've already been hard at work.

Prior to the current location, the LSRR did a lot of recording work at "The Groove Shack", a place that has a 20x40 room with a wood floor, and a single-pitch wood ceiling. We'll still go back there now and then to get certain sounds.

Here, Bryan Gallo relates the story of how his record "The Party Guest", produced by Pete Mancini, and with Butchers Blind as the backing band, was made there.


Produced by Pete Mancini with the Lantern Sound Recording Rig.

I was looking for some like-minded people to help me put my debut album together, and I reached out to Mick knowing that he had recorded the last Butchers Blind album [basic tracks for Destination Blues] at The Groove Shack. That album came out sounding great, so when he offered to take on my project and said that the same space was available, I was all in."

The Groove Shack.

For starters there's just a great natural sound in there for drums and other acoustic instruments, so everything came out sounding very organic. Also, we were able to hole up and live together for a few weekends while recording, so the music actually sounds like it was made by real people playing together and not like an air-tight cut and paste job.

Mick has a wide range of knowledge of microphones, compressors, and other studio tricks and is almost fanatical in figuring out the newest way to capture a new sound. Because of that, the recordings come out sounding great but more importantly he's not staring at a watch counting down studio time. He's truly dedicated to making sure he captures all he can to create a great sounding record.

Mick has a few tricks up his sleeve, and as I mentioned before he really knew how to use the Groove Shack to his advantage. One thing that worked out very well was that he always used several mics while recording vocals and drums, so we had a wide range of colors to blend if need be.

At first I was in disbelief knowing such great sounds could come from a compact unit and not from a fancy high-end fancy studio. That's testament to Mick knowing the ins and outs of his equipment and also how to treat a physical space as part of the character of the recording.

Essentially with the LSRR, there's even less limitations than you'd have with a conventional studio and there's a refreshing "back to basics" style of recording.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This Thursday NOV 20, Butchers Blind celebrate their new seven-inch release "Thursday Girl", also recorded with Mick & The Lantern Sound Recording Rig, with a show at Cameo in Brooklyn.

On New Year's Eve DEC 31 2014, Bryan, Pete, and Mick will do an acoustic singer-songwriter throw-down at Hoptron Brewtique in Patchogue NY to celebrate a great year of work and enjoyment.

For a full Bryan Gallo show schedule, visit his official site at
bryangallo.com .

Friday, November 14, 2014

PEEK: The Lantern Sound Recording Rig's New Location

It's been almost two months of moving, installation, and testing, and now we're ready to give everyone a glimpse into what we've been up to here all this time. The move to this location was challenging, but darn fun. It feels great to be here, and we're already at work with a variety of things. Scroll down for pretty pictures. But first let us relate the standard description.

 - "Route of the Relaxed Recording Artist" -

The Lantern Sound Recording Rig is located in a remote, historical, three-story, eleven-room farmhouse, where artists can live, eat, and breath their record to completion. 

Accommodations and full use of facilities are included in a surprisingly low daily rate, that, when you crunch the numbers, will beat any other area recording rates by a country mile. There are no distractions and we are even willing to work strange hours.

We feature a full variety of microphones and preamps, Apple Logic® recording software, simple & clean signal paths, quick setups, nice comforts, pleasant people, and fantastic vibes. 24-bit / 192 kHz.

We are conveniently located five minutes from the Long Island Expressway, The Long Island Railroad, and the Hampton Jitney.

Please contact:
mick_hargreaves@yahoo.com • 516.312.1618 

We are a WiFi hotspot for visiting artists.

We're in the middle of nowhere... but we'll get you directions.
Come right on in.
The main live room has wood floor and ceilings.
The entire house has nine foot ceilings. There are three floors.
Most of the recording rig is on the first floor. Second floor: sleeping.
The third floor is one big room, a loft, if you will, and is sonically dead.
Recording can take place anywhere. The roof is the limit.
The front parlor can be used as its own isolation room,
or the pocket doors can be opened to combine it with the main live room.
Control Room: Equator D5 Monitors, Apple Cinema Display.
Echo Audiofire 12 A/D/A I/O, Focusrite, Ampex, ART, DBX, FMR,
Digitech, Symetrix, Presonus Processing.
The Intel Xeon Macintosh (2 x 2.4 GHz Quad-Core) is not visible.
View from the live room. Control room on the right... Stairwell on the left.
Yes, drummers, we know what you're thinking... and you are right.
Always put microphones away after each use.

KRK reference monitors, out in the live room for playback.
That daddy-cool thing in the middle... hey, ya got an extra 6 inch speaker?

8-Way Headphone Amplifer-Upon-Plenth. One of two.

Twelve recordable channels are fed into the control room.
Two separate headphone mixes are fed back out to... you.

Guitar amp isolation cabinet number one, in a closet off the control room.
Guitar amp isolation cabinet number two, same closet off the control room.
Guitar amp isolation cabinet number three, under the stairs.
Photo taken pre-sound treatment. Cedar walls and ceiling, pine floor.
We've got quite a few guitars for you to use.
Some are quite conventional. Some of them are slightly weird.
Immediate environs. Take a short break if you need to.

The Hollies are right outside... and they never lose their leaves.

Happy AND "warm", with a lot of irons in the fire.

We have insanely fair, and competitive day rates...
instead of hourly rates that have everybody constantly watching the clock.

Meow Meow, Kitty Kitty.
Well, to us, it's "Big Muddy"... across the street.
Which room should we record you in? There's eleven.
The large country kitchen has fresh herbs for cooking. Use them.
Are you comfortable?

Smoking area.

Yes, Virginia, that is vintage wallpaper over plaster-and-lath.

Plenty of parking, and places for hikes... short or long.

Super-awesome food truck nearby? CHECK.

We'll leave a Lantern (Sound Recording Rig) on for ya...

Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Lantern Sound Recording Rig settles into new home.

It's been over a month of moving, then another two weeks of work spent around a serious, serious core-gear upgrade (2 x 2.4 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon "Westmere" Mac Tower / Echo Audiofire 12 I/O), which is now installed. Next, testing and final configuration tweaks.

So, to move an entire life, plus an entire recording rig, and then install same at new location, almost alone, takes almost two months. We're putting the scooter away, making a pot of coffee, and getting back to (more) work. When you come to visit, or work, here at our remote, rural & bucolic setting, I suggest arriving with the fuel guage on "E"; gas is around $3.03/gal here.

Details on the whole new situation here are trickling out at the LSRR Facebook Page, and we'll go into full detail in this space in the coming week. MH

EMAIL mick_hargreaves @ yahoo dot com
PHONE 516.312.1618


Monday, July 21, 2014

NEW RELEASE NEWS - Mick Hargreaves & King Guys "Never A Cover"

Mick Hargreaves and the King Guys will release a 6-song effort later in 2014, titled "Never A Cover", featuring studio recordings of song-renditions (one a co-write between Joe Delia and MH) they've performed at the Rodeo Bar NYC, which closes forever after July 27th, 2014.

MH & The King Guys final performance at the Rodeo Bar was on Saturday, March 8th. An August 9th show there was cancelled once the venue's closing was announced. This release will be a happy remembering of just how awesome a venue we've had the pleasure to play at, both with this band, and as part of many others. Recordings are ongoing with the Lantern Sound Recording Rig, and no actual release date has been set.

Meanwhile, the Mick Hargreaves 17-song "Best" CD is available at all shows, over at iTunes, and via download/mailorder direct from the official website.

Monday, June 9, 2014

THE HOUSE WRECKERS are Outrageous Open Mic Backing Band MONDAYS @Talkhouse

Sean Rafferty - Mick Hargreaves -

MONDAYS @ The Talkhouse - SUMMER 2014

Here we go - we had a blast all winter long doing Outrageous Open Mic Thursdays at the Stephen Talkhouse, and now things shift to Monday nights. From 9pm-10 we'll have a standard open mic happy-time hang out. (Signups begin at 8pm. Drums, Amplifiers are provided. Just bring your instruments.)

Then, at 10pm The House Wreckers will be available to back you up in full-on style; bring a song (even a printed chart if you have it) - and we'll be there for you. Or sit in. The 'Wreckers will always wind up playing a bunch of songs to round out the night, too. Fun ensues.


Saturday, June 7, 2014

Shade-Tree Sound Sytem Test

For tonight's 8:30 song-swap at the Old Mill Inn (Mattituck NY) with Bryan Galllo... Pete Mancini... and myself. Free. Take a scroll around here for details.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Funniest "Typo" We've Made In a While...

OK, it's not laugh-out-loud funny, but... We incorrectly had Greenport's Blue Canoe Oyster Bar & Grill, where we're playing on July 12, Aug 1, and Aug 16th, listed as "Blue Oyster Bar and Grill", which of course is because we're always thinking about The Blue Öyster Cult. Drive safe out there and we'll see you around! MH




Monday, May 12, 2014

PHOTOS: 'Twas a Great Winter with the Lantern Sound Recording Rig

One more session tonight, then we pack up the plantation tomorrow, after a great winter run at the secret hideout, working on making happy times and great sounds with nice folks such as Butchers Blind, Bryan Gallo, Marigrace Dineen, Skip English, Whaleheart, (Code Name) Separator, and session heavyweights like Randy Hudson, Bosco Michne, Klyph Black, Skip Krevins, James Benard, and Kevin Foran. Jackson, Chris, and Steve Clark were all here at one point or another, too. Matty Liot, Anthony Liberatore, and Pitt Reeves came in. Even the Mick Hargreaves & The King Guys crew posted some great takes and things are very far along on that front. The Hangdogs and the Long Island Hornets both got recorded at the Rodeo Bar (NYC) with the LSRR mobile thing. A productive winter. Probably even more names to add, here too, and they will be. :)

Many thanks, of course, to Chris Mehos.

We hope to see many of you guys this coming FRI MAY 16 and SAT MAY 17 at The Hideaway (MONTAUK NY) where the Lantern Sound Recording Rig Stage will be part of the Montauk Music Festival. Please pray for some nice weather so the stage is outdoors and not indoors (Plan B). See the related post in this blog for a listing of performers at the LSRR Stage. Thanks to all who graced us with their presence, humor, and talent!

Here's some eye-candy photos showing evidence of goings-on with the LSRR, on location this week. We usually don't take photos until the artist has left, so there's no humans shown. Hey, get those microphone lines off the piano.

- mh -


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