Monday, May 12, 2014

PHOTOS: 'Twas a Great Winter with the Lantern Sound Recording Rig

One more session tonight, then we pack up the plantation tomorrow, after a great winter run at the secret hideout, working on making happy times and great sounds with nice folks such as Butchers Blind, Bryan Gallo, Marigrace Dineen, Skip English, Whaleheart, (Code Name) Separator, and session heavyweights like Randy Hudson, Bosco Michne, Klyph Black, Skip Krevins, James Benard, and Kevin Foran. Jackson, Chris, and Steve Clark were all here at one point or another, too. Matty Liot, Anthony Liberatore, and Pitt Reeves came in. Even the Mick Hargreaves & The King Guys crew posted some great takes and things are very far along on that front. The Hangdogs and the Long Island Hornets both got recorded at the Rodeo Bar (NYC) with the LSRR mobile thing. A productive winter. Probably even more names to add, here too, and they will be. :)

Many thanks, of course, to Chris Mehos.

We hope to see many of you guys this coming FRI MAY 16 and SAT MAY 17 at The Hideaway (MONTAUK NY) where the Lantern Sound Recording Rig Stage will be part of the Montauk Music Festival. Please pray for some nice weather so the stage is outdoors and not indoors (Plan B). See the related post in this blog for a listing of performers at the LSRR Stage. Thanks to all who graced us with their presence, humor, and talent!

Here's some eye-candy photos showing evidence of goings-on with the LSRR, on location this week. We usually don't take photos until the artist has left, so there's no humans shown. Hey, get those microphone lines off the piano.

- mh -


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