Friday, January 9, 2015

RE: Dixie Bee-Liners "Through My Screen Door" release.

The Lantern Sound Recording Rig (LSRR)

Sometimes bands break up in an amicable fashion. Sometimes they do not.

The Dixie Bee-Liners folded up the tent for good in 2012, at the end of a two week tour from the east coast to Colorado and back (that I was hired to play bass on), with an unfinished full length record they recorded with me pretty much ready to mix.

I subsequently made duplicate backups of the entire session files and rough mixes, got the artist copies of all session files and rough mixes - if I've been fully paid, and I have been in this case, I like to include the artist in the file-backup scheme. I archived the project, hoping that one day something would happen with it. I figured it would be years, if not longer, before that record properly saw the light of day. I held out hope that somehow, someway... that would happen. I even mentally prepped myself for reluctantly having to take the role of go-between. Sometimes someone in this seat my butt is in... has to be a peace-keeper too.

On New Year's Day 2015, a release titled "Through My Screen Door: The Final Sessions of The Dixie Bee-Liners" appeared on the CD Baby website. It is a nine-song digital release, four (or so) songs short of what was actually recorded. Even though I am listed as a co-producer, and I engineered all sessions, this was a total surprise to me. I was not consulted on, nor was I notified of, any impending release.

More importantly, one of the other listed co-producers my friend of many years, Buddy Woodward, who also happens to be one of the songwriters, and one of two founding members of this band, was apparently also not consulted.

But... I guess that's how these things go sometimes.

- m.h. -
January 5th, 2015


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