Monday, September 28, 2015

Thanks For The Birthday Wishes!

Every year I try to downplay/conceal September 27th, but you nice guys somehow find out. :)

Things could have turned out a lot differently for me in 2011. Ever since then, I don't pull out the stops and celebrate my birthday on just one day. Instead, I silently do a little bit of celebration every day, such as saying to myself, "Holy Crap I've Lived To See Another Day, This Is Awesome".

That's a huge gift.

With that gift... comes a hyper-awareness. Of a lot of things. Contemplating the complexities of a blade of grass can be pleasantly paralyzing at times. Not holding back when calling out injustice, oppression, crimes against humanity, and blatantly obvious bullshit... is the other side of that cursed coin. The way I figure it... Life is too short not to. Things could be a lot worse, and they would have been, if it hadn't been for my friends and family. Continued thanks - You already gave at the office.

Today, I'll be working to get records finished for three different artists. The tomato crop continues to come in, I'm minding my sister's awesome dog, and the man on the radio for some reason is playing me some Junior Brown, Dave Edmunds, and some CSN(Y) with some pedal steel on it. Is that Ben Keith, Jerry Garcia, or Ben AND Jerry?

You'd perhaps expect to see a "selfie" right about now.

Nah. It's not about me. I recommend taking some time instead to contemplate how great the green trees look against the blue sky. In a lot of ways, that's more important than counting how many days it takes for the Earth to revolve around the Sun, counting money, or God forbid, yet another selfie (yawn).

Although having a Harvest Moon go into full Eclipse on my birthday... IS pretty priceless. Thanks, management-people. I wonder how the view was from the International Space Station?

Well, anyway... Here's a "selfie" of the crew here at the Internal Secret Space Station.




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