Sunday, July 17, 2022

"CRYSTAL BALL" Upcoming Mick Hargreaves Single Release


photo: J. Gambino

Slow news day today, so let's make some.

"CRYSTAL BALL", a co-write with NYC piano rocker JOE DELIA, will enjoy a single release to digital platforms soon, my first new release in some time, Joe wrote most of it, I helped out on the lyrical side.

The recording was begun at the legendary Groove Shack (Amagansett NY) with the Lantern Sound Recording Rig mobile unit, then it was finished and mixed right here at the current home of the LSRR. Mastering was done by Gene Paul at G & J Audio.

Specified release dates are all fine and dandy, but I'm waiting on confirmation of that before announcing. The important thing is that this comes out in the heat of the hot, humid, hissing summer, the same exact time of year this song, and everything around it, happened.

There will be digital distro to our radio friends around here. That doesn't have to wait at all. Stand by, that's coming quite soon.

Who joins me on this recording?  My sister Jennifer is on backup vocals, Gary Dawson and Michael Bifulco are on electric guitars, Chris Mehos on drums, and Joe Delia lays down the organ mood. I'm playing a whole lot of different stringed (from 4 to 12) instruments on this, and I'm singing it, of course.

Jody Gambino shot and edited a music video for this song, and that's already on YouTube. More info on that, along with the epic saga that swirled around this song, on Monday. 

It's good to still be alive, and feeling better than ever. My voice has been a powerhouse lately, I'm singing without even thinking, reaching some pretty insane notes that I couldn't before, and boy oh boy, all of that feels really good. I wouldn't toot my own horn like that without being totally confident that it's true. I feel damn great, thanks for asking. 

I ain't about to forget who, and what what brought me to this point, and why.

Keep those cards and letters coming, and we'll chat on Monday.



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