Saturday, July 9, 2022

Mick Hargreaves Hosts "CLAMS 'n' JAMS" Open Mic Night at BRICKHOUSE Beginning WED 13 JULY


For once, some real-deal BREAKING NEWS:
And look, I am as surprised as you-all are about this good news. The new young blood at The Brickhouse Restaurant & Bar offered, I said yes, and we are doing it, just like that.
Me, MICK HARGREAVES will host the newest edition of the "Open Mic" night at The Brickhouse in Patchogue USA Wednesdays, beginning THIS WEEK July 13.
This edition of a long standing tradition will be titled CLAMS 'N' JAMS. Funny, right? Keep an eye on the new menu. I've had some boffo tasting action.
I will have some players with me, to increase the fun factor, everyone from solo acts to bands will be welcomed, and if we have rules, they are going to be funny.
More details on players, parameters, formats on Monday.
Patchogue is having quite a bio-rhythm week. The Great South Bay Music Festival is currently up, the Alive After Five street fest roars back to life on Thursday (see you at Dorene Rose Arts Stage, where the Lantern Sound Recording Rig is doing staging and sound, across the street from Great South Bar), and now this CLAMS 'N' JAMS kick off Wednesday night!
Is Patchogue Long Island's "Music City"? I think so.
Keep it funny, everyone! M.H.


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