Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Q & A with Mick on Instagram & Facebook WEDS FEB 21

Tomorrow morning (Weds Feb 22 2023) I'll have a "Q&A With Mick" session on Instagram and Facebook, when we'll volley back and forth on the beautiful natural grass turf out in the dreamy comment fields of our minds.

Lots to cover. My next single (seen here, just me with Chris Mehos & Pete Mancini), an upcoming contribution to the paradiddlerecords Hank Williams 22-artist tribute record (spring 2023), all the goings-on at the lanternsoundrecordingrig, geeky musical instrument gossip, how I walked away from sportsball yet still kept baseball around as a useful metaphor, my continued aversion to cauliflower, the 2023 tomato season growing forecast, Fred The Dogg, and everything else.

MH @mickhargreaves

See you Weds morning.
Please, no wagering.


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