Mick Hargreaves, Nashville TN Sept 2018
Photo: D. Jahnke

Updated Aug 24 2021

Singer-Songwriter/Performer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Recording Studio Operator

"The songs of Mick Hargreaves can be easily pigeonholed as "Americana", but that would do a grave injustice to the breadth of styles his tunes encompass. Having fronted many different outfits over the years, Mick's songs manage to contain a little slice of each of the roads he's traveled. A little classic twang here, some Early 80's college rock flavor there, but always tied together with strong pop hooks and melodies. It's hard not to compare him to another musical jack-of-all-trades in the legendary songwriter/producer Nick Lowe, as Mick also happens to be known for slinging a 4 string electric bass in addition to pickin' the six string. A veteran of the business, Mr. Hargreaves has cracked the code of what it takes to create some seriously infectious American pop/rock." - Bryan Gallo

Mick Hargreaves resumes his live performances in a trio format (Pete Mancini on electric guitar, Brian Moritz on pedal steel), with an eye on the resumption of full band shows under the moniker of "Mick Hargreaves & The King Guys". There is a single release coming soon, and the B-Side of the single ("Crystal Ball"), a co-write with rock and roll pianist Joe Delia that already has a music video on Youtube here, is soon being distributed to radio.

Since the end of 2014, Mick Hargreaves has been hard at work operating the Lantern Sound Recording Rig (LSRR) inside a sprawling hundred-year-old farmhouse located in the pine barrens of Long Island NY, where he records, rehearses, and holds house concerts. The list of area artists that have recorded at the LSRR is lengthy.

Mick and the LSRR have hosted stages and/or done production for the Montauk Music Festival, Cabin Fever Music Festival, The Dorene Rose Arts Stage at both Alive On 25 (Riverhead NY) and Alive After Five (Patchogue NY), and the LSRR will do the acoustic stage production for the upcoming "Pine Barrens Jam 2021" music festival (Center Moriches NY) on September 18th 2021.

He's toured with various artists to just about every corner of the USA, and toured Germany/Austria once.

2016 saw the appearance of the song "Rinse and Repeat", a co-write with Rich Arfin and Klyph Black, in the NETFLIX Judd Apatow series "Love".  2015's ambitious "ONE GUITAR" two-CD effort, produced by Don Bracken and recorded by Mick with the LSRR, brought together twenty-nine solo songwriters, recorded performing on the same day, using the same 1961 Gibson J-45 acoustic guitar, recorded to benefit the Maureen's Haven charity organization. The effort went so well that 2016 saw the sequel "One Guitar More" released, also produced by Don Bracken.

A compilation CD of Mick Hargreaves music to date titled "BEST" was released on April 10 2013, sourced from out-of print releases. Mick hosted the "Outrageous Open Mic Night" at the Stephen Talkhouse during his long run there from Nov 2013-May 2015.

OTHER FILM/TV: In 2012, a vocal and piano recording of "Crystal Ball" (Joe Delia on piano, MH singing), appeared in the film "Art=(Love)2", and in 2013, instrumental versions of Mick's recordings of "Hometown" and "Bridget" (written by Gary Jude Anderson) appeared in the Long Island Surfing documentary film "A Hundred Miles To The End". In 2009, the song "Haunted" (as recorded with The Grip Weeds) appeared in the film "Blood River". All three of these credits have yet to appear on IMDB. Efforts at correcting those errors are ongoing.

Mick made a music & video contribution to Chris Butler's (the Waitresses) "Major Glitch" (Guinness Book of World Records' longest pop song ever recorded, now known as "The Infinite Glitch"). A 2009 single paired a lavish Brian Wilson-meets-Phil Spector treatment of the late great Gary Jude Anderson's "Bridget" with a down-home front-parlour reading of Mick's "Can't Keep Track of You Blues", featuring Gene Casey (Lone Sharks) and Matty Liot (Montauk Project) on guitars. Mick made a music video for "Bridget".

PAST WORK: Mick was a founding member of the New York Roots Music Association (NYRMA). The list of other artists incorporating his low-end sounds, singing and guitar work is lengthy, and he proudly wears alumni garb from these outfits: The Dixie Bee-Liners, The Hangdogs, Los Blaggards, The Ghost Rockets, The Grip Weeds, The Tonebenders (NYC), Gene Casey & The Lone Sharks, Caroline Doctorow, Pete Mancini, Bryan Gallo, Greg Bucking.



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