Mick Hargreaves
Photo: D. Jahnke

Singer-Songwriter, Performer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Recording Studio Operator

Having gotten the build of his sprawling hundred-year-old farmhouse recording studio completed, Mick Hargreaves has returned to releasing new material, all of it recorded at the Lantern Sound Recording Rig.

In August 2022, "Crystal Ball", a cowrite with Joe Delia, was released to all streaming platforms. His latest single "See What You Can Make With This" was released in April of 2023, and then in May 2023 Mick's rendition of "Half as Much" appeared on the 22-song "Hank Williams Uncovered" tribute release (Paradiddle Records). Here's what Michael Doherty wrote about Mick's recorded version:

"The second disc opens with Mick Hargreaves’ incredibly cool take on “Half As Much.” I love the way his rendition builds. It just gets better and better. Chloe Halpin and Jennifer Pawlikzak provide some great harmony vocals. And then that bluesy instrumental section is just so damn good, particularly the work on guitar [by Mike Bifulco and Gary Dawson]. This is one of the disc’s highlights."

Mick was a founding member of the New York Roots Music Association (NYRMA). The list of other artists incorporating his bass, vocal, guitar, and keyboard work is lengthy, and includes The Dixie Bee-Liners, The Hangdogs, Los Blaggards, The Ghost Rockets, The Grip Weeds, The Tonebenders (NYC), Gene Casey & The Lone Sharks, Caroline Doctorow, Pete Mancini, Bryan Gallo, Greg Bucking, The Crushing Violets, and The Moondogs.

Mick and the LSRR have also done staging, hosting and production for the Montauk Music Festival, Cabin Fever Music Festival, The Dorene Rose Arts Stage at Alive On 25 (Riverhead NY) and Alive After Five (Patchogue NY) street festivals, and the Pine Barrens Jam music festival (Blue Point Brewery, Patchogue NY).

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