Mick Hargreaves
Photo: D. Jahnke

Singer-Songwriter/Performer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Recording Studio Operator

Mick Hargreaves was a child test subject for the game "Twister".
Previously, the game had been marketed to adults only, but Mick proved that strategy to be wrong.

Mick also thought that bottled water was a bad idea that would never make a profit. 
The public proved Mick wrong.

Since the end of 2014 Mick Hargreaves has been hard at work installing and operating the Lantern Sound Recording Rig (LSRR) inside a sprawling hundred-year-old farmhouse located in the pine barrens of Long Island NY, where he records both his own records and that of a lengthy list of area artists. From the first day in 2014, the studio was operational, and even during COVID-19, notable records by artists such as The Crusting Violets, Edna's Kin, Greg Bucking, and The HooDoo Loungers were completed safely. In 2022, the installation of the studio was finally declared "complete" and Hargreaves has now returned to producing his own recordings.

On August 1, 2022, the song "Crystal Ball" a co-write with rock and roll pianist Joe Delia that already has a music video on Youtube, will be available on most digital retail platforms, and is already being serviced to radio. Another single and an EP are already being worked on in the studio.

Beginning July 13 2022, Mick began hosting the weekly-Wednesday "Clams 'N' Jams" open mic night at the legendary Brickhouse, Patchogue NY.

Mick and the LSRR have done staging, hosting and production for the Montauk Music Festival, Cabin Fever Music Festival, The Dorene Rose Arts Stage at both Alive On 25 (Riverhead NY) and Alive After Five (Patchogue NY) street festivals, and the Pine Barrens Jam music festival (Center Moriches NY) on September 18th 2021.

Mick was a founding member of the New York Roots Music Association (NYRMA). The list of other artists incorporating his bass, vocal and guitar work is lengthy, and he proudly wears alumni garb from these outfits: The Dixie Bee-Liners, The Hangdogs, Los Blaggards, The Ghost Rockets, The Grip Weeds, The Tonebenders (NYC), Gene Casey & The Lone Sharks, Caroline Doctorow, Pete Mancini, Bryan Gallo, Greg Bucking, and The Moondogs.

Mick once did a tape dub for Brian Wilson. Another time, he accepted a beer from Elton John as Bernie Taupin sat silently on the couch and Ringo called on the phone. One of Mick's bands didn't get signed to IRS records, mostly because the drummer made the colossal mistake of sleeping with the A&R staffer.

Mick doesn't like anchovies, the new Major League Baseball rules, or long-winded unfunny biographies that aren't true.  This one is totally true, and we hope you also find it funny.



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