"Mick Hargreaves "Half As Much" on 22-song "Hank Williams Uncovered" (Paradiddle Records) Released May 12, 2023

On Paradiddle Records.

Jennifer Hargreaves Pawliczak (low harmony)
Chloe Halpin (high harmony)
Mike Bifulco slide lead guitar
Gary Dawson electric guitar (including first half of the solo)
Bass Don Mangels
Drums Chris Mehos
Pete Mancini high-strung acoustic guitar
Mick Hargreaves acoustic guitar, lead vocal, piano, organ

Recorded and mixed by MH at the Lantern Sound Recording Rig

I also recorded and mixed track 3 on disc 2 by the Hoodoo Loungers, and I perform upright bass on Track 1, disc 1 by Pete Mancini.

Here is the entire 22-song release on Apple Music:

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