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Back in October 210, I obsessed in a blog entry about getting the right strings for each of my basses. This post updates that one slightly, detailing modifications to two of these four "weapons":

Basses L to R: Jazz, Jaguar, "Duck" Dunn, Precision
Fender 2006 MIM Jazz Bass - This "Midnight Wine" bass now has round-wound strings, Dean Markley Blue Steel .45-.105 medium light gauge. If I'm going to have only one bass with roundwounds, it should be the J-Bass, to take advantage of all the tonal variety it offers. Used extensively on stage with Los Blaggards, is basically a recording bass now.

Fender 2006 MIJ Jaguar Bass - Really loving this bass, now that it's had the  whimpy white pickguard replaced with a black one. With Matty Liot & The Big Up, this bass had the "Joe Lauro setup": E and A flatwound, D and G Roundwound; now it has the set of GHS Flatwounds (.45-.105) pirated from the Jazz Bass. This is now the secondary, B-number-2 stage bass.

Lakland 2007 Donald "Duck" Dunn Bass - Strings haven't changed, but this whimpy white pickguard is the next one to go. Thinking about something in a lighter-colored tortoise-shell. This is the primo, A-number-1 stage bass (also pictured at the top of this blog).

Fender 1961 Precision Bass - Nothing's changed with this bass. Same log, same James Jamerson Strings, same incredible sound, same rule: NO GIGS - it's the A-number-1 recording studio bass. The sound of this thing plugged into the '64 Ampeg B-15N, then recorded with a mic on one channel, and DI'd on the other... is "money in the bank" as they say. Wait, one thing has changed on this bass; I recently added the "Ashtray" bridge cover, which can be seen lower right in the photo.

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  1. Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts on this matter. It's nice to find reviews like these about bass guitar since people can be more acquainted with these instruments.

    1. UPDATE: The Fender 2006 MIM Jazz Bass has been sold. A bit redundant, and needed the $$$ for a microphone purchase! :)


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