SAT 7/30/11 Hargreaves, McLary & Friends in Midsummer Night's HOOT, Grey Horse Tavern

The New York Roots Music Association (NYRMA) presents a night of down-home, rabble-rousing acoustic and electric music in a MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S HOOT, July 30th 2011, 9:30pm, at the Grey Horse Tavern in Bayport NY, featuring MICK HARGREAVES (Los Blaggards, Caroline Doctorow, Hangdogs), and JEFF McLARY (LI Hornets) with their backing bands. Expect some NYRMA friends to join in the performance. Admission is 5 bucks, leaving more cake to spend on the GHT's great beer & wine selection, and if you like, menu choices culled from local and organic food sources. Relax by the tracks, baby.

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